Making sustainable business practice pay

Moving towards sustainability is not about achieving perfection. It is about achieving improvement. And at ING we reward improvement.

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Circular economy

The circular economy is an exciting and inspiring approach to create a new economy, a new way of consuming, using and producing products.

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Focus on our clients

Clients are at the heart of ING’s business. We have developed case studies to highlight how our unique collaborative approach results in partnerships with long-term benefits.

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The path to sustainable business

Companies are making real progress on sustainability as they recognise that success is about more than just profit. How to make the leap to a more sustainable way of operating: evolution or revolution?

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ING WB profile

ING Wholesale Banking meets your international needs with a local presence in 40 countries. Our global franchises serve a wide range of organisations, including corporates, multinational corporations, financial institutions, governments and supranational bodies.

The Netherlands’ challenging energy-transition agenda

May, 2018

The Dutch government has announced ambitious climate targets for the Netherlands. The emission of greenhouse gases needs to be reduced by 49% by 2030 compared to the base year 1990. In 2018, this target will be translated into a new climate agreement and embedded in a climate law.

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Can I offer my products as a subscription?

June, 2018

You may have considered offering your products as a subscription. It seems consumers are fine with just having the benefits of a subscription – such as to music – rather than owning goods. You may consider this for two reasons: because you believe it will be an economic success, or because you want to add to a more circular economy.

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ING Best Commodities Trade Finance Bank in the world 2018 (Global Trade Review)

May, 2018

Global Trade Review magazine has announced the winners of the GTR Leaders in Trade Awards 2018. ING was named winner for Best Commodities Trade Finance Bank in the world during an award ceremony held in London on 26 April.

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Central and Eastern Europe’s FDI proposition: Ready, aim and invest

April, 2018

Despite the recent rise in protectionist sentiment, Eurozone growth is showing some real momentum. Capacity constraints are close to being reached, and if the strong demand for new orders is to be filled, investment will be a necessity. Read the report.

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Another blockchain milestone in trade finance

February, 2018

ING has tested the application of blockchain technology in trade finance in partnership with consortium R3 and trade finance platform TradeIX. The initiative, called Marco Polo, allows trade participants to connect in real time and automate financing before and after shipment, making trade finance safer, simpler, and more flexible.

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Fintechs grow closer to banks

February, 2018

24 January 2018 - A survey (not published) held by ING Bank and Illuminate Financial has found that fintechs and banks believe they are partners in disrupting the financial services market.

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ING awarded Benelux M&A Financial Adviser of the Year 2017

December, 2017

ING Corporate Finance was recognised as the best Benelux M&A Financial Adviser of the Year 2017 by Mergermarket.

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