New global campaign focused on human versatility

ING has launched a global and integrated brand campaign for its wholesale banking business based on the insight that successful client solutions are achieved by combining hard and soft skills.

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Enhancing our Wellbeing

ING has launched a professional development programme, the Wellbeing Quotient (WQ), to support its staff in a changing business environment.

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Focus on our clients

Clients are at the heart of ING’s business. We have developed case studies to highlight how our unique collaborative approach results in partnerships with long-term benefits.

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Humans at the heart of technological change

Artificial intelligence and other innovations are disrupting society, companies and people’s lives. This edition of The View explains why human ingenuity will remain at the heart of successful companies and economies.

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ING WB profile

ING Wholesale Banking meets your international needs with a local presence in 40 countries. Our global franchises serve a wide range of organisations, including corporates, multinational corporations, financial institutions, governments and supranational bodies.

Election upsets, who’s next?

April, 2017

You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s election season in Europe. British people will go back to the polls in June after a snap general election was announced just after Easter... Read the ING report.

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Brexit: Let the challenge begin

April, 2017

The UK’s Article 50 letter and the EU’s subsequent draft guidelines made it clear that there are big differences in opinion on how the negotiations should proceed.

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InsideBusiness app features Touch ID

April, 2017

ING recently launched Touch ID in the InsideBusiness app, a fingerprint login technology for mobile phones. This means clients can now log in to their Wholesale Banking services with the touch of a finger instead of entering a five-digit mobile pin code (mPin).

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Speaking of Russia... 1000 Dutch words and more

April, 2017

"Ever since we turned our clocks forward to welcome summertime, I put my winter coat away. Luckily not too far! Although we had the first 'warm' day of the year in the Netherlands this week, the temperature was well below zero in Moscow and the city was completely covered in snow, which meant one thing - time for my winter coat again..." Read Jeroen Plag's new blog.

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ING Best Bank in Western Europe 2017

March, 2017

Global Finance magazine has announced its 24th annual awards for the World’s Best Banks. In the Western European region, ING has been selected as the Best Bank in Western Europe 2017 overall, as well as Best Bank in Belgium.

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ING named Global Bank of the Year by The Banker

December, 2016

ING has been awarded as the best bank in the world. This year, ING even won a total of four awards at ‘The Banker’s’ Best Bank Awards 2016. Besides Global Bank of the Year, ING was named Best Bank of the year 2016 in the Netherlands, in Belgium, and in Western Europe.

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ING introduces cross-border Virtual Cash Management

August, 2016

ING Wholesale Banking has launched Virtual Cash Management (VCM), a comprehensive digital cash management solution for corporates. VCM is designed to help treasury functions reach a next level of optimisation by facilitating centralised cash management with high cash visibility, access and control.

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