Celebrating human versatility

At ING, we believe successful client solutions are achieved by combining hard and soft skills. It is the versatility of people that is the real differentiator in banking: the personal commitment and dedication of our people and the vision and perseverance of our clients.

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Circular economy

The circular economy is an exciting and inspiring approach to create a new economy, a new way of consuming, using and producing products.

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Focus on our clients

Clients are at the heart of ING’s business. We have developed case studies to highlight how our unique collaborative approach results in partnerships with long-term benefits.

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The impact of new business models

This edition of our online magazine The View looks at the risks and opportunities created by new platforms and circular and sharing models.

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ING WB profile

ING Wholesale Banking meets your international needs with a local presence in 40 countries. Our global franchises serve a wide range of organisations, including corporates, multinational corporations, financial institutions, governments and supranational bodies.

Trade war between EU and US, a lose-lose situation

March, 2018

Trade wars are good and easy to win, according to US President Trump, but higher tariffs lead to few winners and many losers. If the current ‘tit for tat’ rhetoric between the US and EU really results in a trade war, neither will walk away scot-free

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Italy: Hung parliament complications

March, 2018

Without an outright winner but with a populist twist in parliament, forming a new government will be complicated. Expect tactical positioning by party leaders and clarity about the presidents of the two Houses, before an attempt at a coalition, is made.

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Another blockchain milestone in trade finance

February, 2018

ING has tested the application of blockchain technology in trade finance in partnership with consortium R3 and trade finance platform TradeIX. The initiative, called Marco Polo, allows trade participants to connect in real time and automate financing before and after shipment, making trade finance safer, simpler, and more flexible.

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ING and EIB provide EUR 300m to finance green shipping

February, 2018

19-2-2018 - ING and the European Investment Bank (EIB) signed an agreement to support green investments for the European shipping market for a total value of EUR 300m. ING and EIB will each contribute EUR 150m to the facility.

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Fintechs grow closer to banks

February, 2018

24 January 2018 - A survey (not published) held by ING Bank and Illuminate Financial has found that fintechs and banks believe they are partners in disrupting the financial services market.

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ING awarded Benelux M&A Financial Adviser of the Year 2017

December, 2017

ING Corporate Finance was recognised as the best Benelux M&A Financial Adviser of the Year 2017 by Mergermarket.

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ING Wholesale Banking shapes future to support clients

November, 2017

On 21 November, ING Wholesale Banking announced a number of initiatives aimed at further enhancing client centricity, addressing clients’ daily challenges and their strategic needs.

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3D printing: a threat to global trade

October, 2017

3D printing is a rising threat for world trade. According to a new ING report, world trade will be 23% lower in 2060 if the growth of investments in 3D printers continues at the current pace. If investments accelerate domestically printed goods could already wipe out 40% of world imports in 2040.

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ING Best Bank in Western Europe 2017

March, 2017

Global Finance magazine has announced its 24th annual awards for the World’s Best Banks. In the Western European region, ING has been selected as the Best Bank in Western Europe 2017 overall, as well as Best Bank in Belgium.

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ING named Global Bank of the Year by The Banker

December, 2016

ING has been awarded as the best bank in the world. This year, ING even won a total of four awards at ‘The Banker’s’ Best Bank Awards 2016. Besides Global Bank of the Year, ING was named Best Bank of the year 2016 in the Netherlands, in Belgium, and in Western Europe.

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