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Our latest thinking on issues that matter in business and finance. Dive into important topics like sustainability, innovation and our point of view on global financial trends.

Virtual cash management is here, now what?

04 March 2021

Today, the digital age presents exciting opportunities to improve processes, not least in the world of treasury. The continued digitalization and standardization of cash management, for instance, is a chance to increase visibility, automation, efficiency and control. Widely considered to be the greatest inventor of all time, Thomas Edison had a motto: “There’s a way to do it better – find it.”

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Thorsten Mehltretter
08 June 2021

The automotive sector and sustainability

Each industry is different, but they're all dealing with climate change and sustainability. What’s happening in the automotive sector? Thorsten Mehltretter, global lead of ING’s automotive sector, gives his perspective.

18 May 2021

Shipping and sustainability

Each industry is different, but they're all dealing with climate change and sustainability. What’s happening in shipping? Stephen Fewster, global head of ING’s shipping sector, gives his perspective.

Hugo Kanters
31 March 2021

Aviation and climate change

Each industry is different, but they're all dealing with climate change. What’s happening in the aviation sector and how is ING supporting the low-carbon transition? Hugo Kanters, global head of ING’s aviation finance sector, gives his perspective.

01 February 2021

The future of energy

Long synonymous with oil and gas, the energy industry is on a mission to expand its focus and explore new technologies. Here’s a look at what’s ahead.

25 January 2021

Reform of interest rate benchmarks

Certain interest rate benchmarks including LIBOR, EURIBOR and EONIA are being or have recently been reformed. If any of your financial products or internal processes refer to these rates or other interest rate benchmarks, the following information is relevant for you.

31 December 2020

Can project finance ride the hydrogen wave?

Hydrogen technology is experiencing a renewed wave of interest due to the decreasing costs of producing low- or zero-carbon hydrogen and expanded applications for hydrogen in the energy sector.

Is Covid-19 a barrier or a boost to sustainability?

02 June 2021

Sustainability was already increasing in importance before Covid-19. But the nature of the pandemic has elevated its prominence further. While the origins of the virus remain unclear, human encroachment on the natural environment seems to have been a contributory cause.

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30 July 2020

ING helps power green battery gigafactory

ING co-leads consortium to give sustainable battery producer Northvolt a $1.6 billion boost to accelerate the electrification of transportation.

21 April 2020

Higher fraud risk amid Covid-19

ING regards knowledge of fraud and sharing this information with clients as the first line of defence against fraud.

31 March 2020

Customer protection and payment options

Concerned about the impact of corona on ING’s Payments services? Don’t be – it’s business as usual. Plus, we have got some pointers around payment requests, business continuity and customer protection.

23 March 2020

Our response to the coronavirus

In light of the pandemic spread of the coronavirus we want to inform clients and other stakeholders about how we are responding to the coronavirus and its impact on our staff and our business.

06 March 2020

Coronavirus: the unknown and unprecedented risk

Financial markets and the global economy are still in the stranglehold of a real global shock that doesn’t stop at borders and can't be tamed by words or negotiations: Covid-19.

08 November 2019

ING investing in AI-driven compliance

ING’s ability to use technology to improve its approach to regulatory compliance was given a boost with the multi-million investment in US-based regulatory technology (regtech) company Ascent.