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Wholesale Banking

Banking safely

Fraudsters are getting increasingly resourceful in their methods to swindle you. Learn how to recognise them and what you can do to protect yourself and your business. 

See through the illusion of deepfake

Deepfakes have emerged as a formidable weapon, exploiting our trust in familiar faces and voices. That is why deepfake is ideal to be used in a CxO fraud, adding an extra layer to the illusion, and making it even more believable.

Learn more about deepfake fraud >

All about corporate fraud

Webinar: Together against Fraud

In this webinar our expert panel dived into the latest developments, from generative artificial intelligence to mind-bending deepfakes and synthetic media. Curious about how to best act in case of fraud (attempts)?

Bank guarantee fraud and how to avoid them

Fraudsters use a fake bank guarantee to create the illusion that safety is in place. This will persuade you to make the deal thinking the risk is covered.

The dangers of scanning QR codes from email

QR or Quick Response code is an easy way to link to full content. But the issue is that you don’t know where you’re going, and it can lead to a dangerous trap set by cybercriminals.

Can you recognise phishing?

You’ve heard a lot about phishing but never actually encountered it - or maybe you’ve already received a phishing message and would like to know how to protect yourself. This is an easy guide for you to recognise malicious messages and take actions.

Don’t be held hostage through ransomware

Ransomware is a type of software designed to encrypt or block access to your personal data until a ransom is paid. It can strike any organisation – big or small - so make sure you reduce the risk and prepare by creating an action plan in case it happens.

Report (suspected) fraud

When you suspect or detect fraud (even when in doubt), notify your ING representative as quickly as possible. This increases the chance we can reduce impact.

Learn more about fraud

Learn more about fraud and reducing fraud risk by exploring all our fraud insights.

How to reduce invoice fraud risk

Invoice fraud comes in many varieties. In all cases, the fraudsters will request you to change the beneficiary account to their own or send you a fake invoice, and, as a result, redirect the invoiced funds.

Educate yourself >

All about online security

Strong Customer Authentication (PSD2)

InsideBusiness complies with the requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Read more about these European guidelines and how we meet those.

Tips on safe internet banking

By acquiring access to your security details, a third party can view your account information and use it for illegal purposes. Be aware that protecting your security details is your responsibility. What can you do to protect your security details?

Create a secure work environment

To create and keep a secure work environment there are plenty things you can do. Learn what to think about when you want to keep a secure work environment.

ING's security measures

Alignment with the international security community ensures that information on vulnerabilities is shared and acted upon immediately. This allows us to comply with the latest software standards and updates to our technologies which ensures our systems are protected.

Check website security of

When you are visiting there are a few ways you can tell whether the connection is secure.

Check your browser for the best and most secure experience

ING Wholesale Banking’s online presence keeps improving. The type of browser you use can improve your experience even more.