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Wholesale Banking

Banking safely

Fraudsters are getting increasingly resourceful in their methods to swindle you. Learn how to recognise them and what you can do to protect yourself and your business. 

How to reduce eBanking fraud risk?

Every day fraudsters find new ways to target you. By now they realise that emails with broken English are not going to fool you, so they are upping their game. Nowadays fraudsters' emails are really hard to differentiate from ING Wholesale Banking communication. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

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All about corporate fraud

If fraud is detected and in progress

If fraud is detected and in progress, always notify your ING contact immediately. Even if a transfer has already been made, an attempt can be made to block the funds before they disappear.

Fraud detection well after the fact

After 24 hours it is practically impossible to recover stolen amounts. If the fraud occurred a while ago, it is not likely that the embezzled funds can be blocked and retrieved. However, ING can give you advice about what steps you can take.

ING’s fraud measures

Apart from the preventive measures, like highly secure authentication of users and encryption of data, ING has implemented several monitoring solutions to detect fraud. In combination with dedicated teams aimed at rapid information sharing, prevention and response, ING is able to deal adequately with new fraud threats and can act quickly when a fraud case is detected.

How to reduce CxO fraud risk?

Social engineering is used to profile your company, so the fraudster can plausibly pose as a senior manager (someone of the C-suite, hence “CxO Fraud”) or a third party acting on behalf of senior management and manipulate employees into executing payment transactions or divulging confidential information.

How to reduce invoice fraud risk?

Invoice fraud is manifold, in all cases the fraudsters will change the banking details of the company which issued the invoice to their own, and as a result, receive the invoiced amounts.

The importance of the four-eye principle for transactions

One of the goals of fraudsters is to transfer money to their own accounts. They try to do this with many small payments or one single large one, by for example sending a user a fraudulent request or they phish their credentials.

Tips on safe internet banking

By acquiring access to your security details, a third party can view your account information and use it for illegal purposes. Be aware that protecting your security details is your responsibility. What can you do to protect your security details?

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All about online security

Create a secure work environment

To create and keep a secure work environment there are plenty things you can do. Learn what to think about when you want to keep a secure work environment.

ING's security measures

Alignment with the international security community ensures that information on vulnerabilities is shared and acted upon immediately. This allows us to comply with the latest software standards and updates to our technologies which ensures our systems are protected.

Website security of ingwb.com

When you are visiting ingwb.com there are a few ways you can tell whether the connection is secure.

Check your browser for the best and most secure experience

ING Wholesale Banking’s online presence keeps improving. The type of browser you use can improve your experience even more.