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Wholesale Banking

Want to be one step ahead? Then let’s go.

Sure there are banks in Germany that are more famous than we are. There’s a reason for that: ING Wholesale Banking is almost like a startup when you compare it to the traditional players in Germany. Growing. Creative. The next generation of banking. Forging new paths – with a new approach.

At ING Wholesale Banking, we are one step ahead. That means we offer our customers the best solutions. Sure, many can claim that, but we do it differently: with people who are open to new ways of doing things and are constantly developing. Interested?

How about a career in wholesale banking? Our Corporate Sector Lending serves multinational corporate clients in various value chains and industries.

We want to be one step ahead, and find the best solutions for our customers. Others want to do that, too, of course. But we do it differently: With people, who are open to thinking in new directions and who constantly work to develop their expertise. With a corporate culture that relies on its employees’ drive – and gives them the freedom to develop their own ways of implementing their ideas. They work in dedicated, continuously developing teams where everyone is treated as an equal and works together to find solutions.

Who are we? Get to know some of your future colleagues.

25 April 2024

Christian, Transaction Manager, Corporate Sector Lending

My role: As a Transaction Manager in the Corporate Sector Lending division, I work for ING in the lending business with large corporate customers. My personal sector focus is on the German automotive industry.

13 March 2024

Christian, Associate, Corporate Sector Coverage

My role: As an Associate in Corporate Sector Coverage, I work together with the Senior Coverage Banker to advise large and internationally active companies from various sectors such as retail or services.

Pia, Specialist

My tasks in the Reporting, Monitoring and Lending Analytics team are diverse. In addition to looking after a low-risk client portfolio, I focus on the reporting part, i.e. the creation and small analyses relating to the portfolio. In addition, there are always administrative tasks for CSL, which are handled by our team.

Christian, Product Management

My role: I am responsible for the coordination and further development of the TS product range along the value chain in Germany. In addition to payments/cash management, trade finance, and working capital solutions, we are also driving forward digitalization in wholesale banking and are constantly coming across very innovative topics.

Lisa-Sophie, Analyst

My role: I work in real estate financing for institutional clients. What fascinates me is that real estate is so multi-faceted and unique because no property in the world is the same twice.

Across time zones: How Alex is taking it on and making it happen

Alexander Piur has been the Global SPOC for Sustainability and Innovation in ING’s Real Estate Finance and Infrastructure sector since September 2019. In this interview, we talk about his global role, what his responsibilities are, and how he balances his work-life in that role.

Vanessa, Director - Corporate Sector Coverage

For me, the perfect workday starts with a large latte. Afterwards, I read through my e-mails and coordinate with my colleagues about the upcoming to-do's.

Dominik, Associate - Real Estate

My role: I work in sector coverage real estate. We are responsible for establishing and building customer relationships, covering clients holistically and providing the financing of real estate and real estate corporates.

23 November 2021

At ING, you can wear anything, even a suit and tie

Today's young professionals are spoiled for choice. They have an almost unlimited number of possible professions in many exciting industries at their disposal. To make the right decision, it helps to have a clear picture of what you actually want to achieve in life and in your career. Nothing happens on its own - but if you know what you want and take advantage of the numerous opportunities, you can look forward to an exciting career.

Sabrina - Director Working Capital Solutions

Live to work or work to live? Many people don't want to wear themselves out doing short-term jobs. Instead they are striving for lasting professional success. Sabrina Priester, Director Working Capital Solutions, explains how to achieve a healthy and successful career and what role ING can play in this.

Christoph, Chapter Lead Customer Journey Experts WB Services

My role involves projects around services in our corporate customer business. The projects are designed and implemented from the customer's perspective with the aim of providing them with an optimal "customer experience" from start to finish.

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