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Wholesale Banking

Real estate financing for institutional clients

What does your workday look like?

Since my workdays and tasks are rarely the same, it's hard to describe THE workday - but it's this variety that I find exciting.

Before you took up your current position, you worked in private mortgage finance at ING Germany. Why did you decide to switch to wholesale banking?

Real estate is a particularly heterogeneous commodity - that's precisely what makes the job so interesting for me. In home loan financing, I mainly worked with residential single-family houses or apartments. After completing my part-time MBA, it was time for a career change as well. Since I had already done a lot of work with commercial real estate in my previous studies, I jumped at the chance and applied for the open position in wholesale banking.

What are the biggest differences between your previous and current job?

Curiously, the tasks are quite different despite the same product: while in construction financing, I processed seven applications a day, in wholesale banking financings are more complex and larger, and therefore also less in terms of numbers. The way we work in a team, the degree of modeling required for a property or portfolio to be financed, and the drafting of contracts also differ considerably, of course.

What is special about real estate finance for you?

What fascinates me is that real estate is so multi-faceted and unique because no property in the world is the same twice. In addition, I work in a very competent and international team where I learn something new every day.

What makes the working culture at ING special for you?

I enjoy the openness and support of my colleagues. Even across departments, there is always cooperation and not competition.

What motivates you in your work?

Making new experiences every day and thus constantly broadening my horizons.

What drives you in life besides your job? What are you passionate about?

Besides work, I like to read and do sports: My hobbies include jogging, boxing and playing golf.

Can you tell us one more personal fact about yourself?

Emma, a French bulldog, has been with me for a good year now. She makes me laugh every day and keeps me on my toes.