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Wholesale Banking

Christian, Associate, Corporate Sector Coverage

My role: As an Associate in Corporate Sector Coverage, I work together with the Senior Coverage Banker to advise large and internationally active companies from various sectors such as retail or services. Together with our product colleagues, we offer tailor-made solutions in financing, financial markets, transaction services and capital markets. In all our activities, we pay attention to sustainable action and pursue the goal of building long-term client relationships.

How does the perfect day start for you?

The first 60 minutes in the morning are crucial for me to start the day positive and fresh - no negative news during that time! For me, an entertaining podcast episode or good music are just as important as a good cappuccino. Then I get on my bike and ride to the office or start my working day in my home office.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

I first get an overview of upcoming meetings and set priorities for the day. My day-to-day work is very varied. Preparing applications for our decision-making bodies is just as much a part of it as advising corporate customers on site at the operating locations and then implementing the banking solutions together with the specialist department. In the office, I appreciate the exchange with my colleagues - especially in Wholesale Banking at ING, we have a great team with whom the personal exchange is fun!

Describe your job in three words? 

Customer-centric, sustainable, diverse

You've been with ING for almost a year now. How did you decide to apply for a job at ING?

ING caught my eye early on with its dynamic and modern brand image and I was particularly familiar with its strong positioning in sustainable finance for corporate clients. I was excited by ING's ambitions to grow in the German market in the corporate customer segment in addition to its strong positioning in retail banking - I simply wanted to help shape the future growth path! And this is exactly what ING offers its employees.

What do you think defines the working culture at ING?

The slogans "Take it on and make it happen!", "Help others to be successful" and "Always a step ahead" from our Orange Code describe the working culture at ING very well. The unique team spirit makes it fun to work with such motivated colleagues. At the same time, you get the opportunity to get involved in various projects and initiatives in addition to the original banking business and thus actively help shape the development of the company. Flat hierarchies and a real culture of appreciation round off the whole thing!

What is special about working in the front office, i.e. with direct customer contact?

Working with direct customer contact has its very own dynamic. Every day is different: from the office activities typical of corporate banking to on-site meetings at our customers' premises and various events - the job is varied and full of surprises! In addition to the specialist topics, everyone brings their own personality to the collaboration and that's what makes the work so exciting.

What motivates you in your work?

Supporting companies in achieving their goals and implementing transformational projects as a sustainable banking partner is one of the biggest drivers for me! We are all pulling in the same direction and want to find an ecological and economic environment in which everyone can find his or her place and look positively to the future. Being able to use the power of ING to achieve this and personally help shape this development motivates me immensely!

What drives you in life besides your job? What are you passionate about?

I love the social, cultural and ecological diversity in our world! I find it exciting to see life from the perspective of people who have a different wealth of experience. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to experience this world in all its different facets. On my regular trips to Kenya, I experience this at first hand. Despite the limited opportunities for many people there, you can feel the joie de vivre at every corner - incredibly inspiring!

Can you tell us one more personal fact about yourself?

Together with my partner, we have founded a non-profit organization (Afrika Project Linden), which supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Kenya to build a self-determined future. In cooperation with our partner association in Kenya, we finance education, medical care and essential goods for everyday life. Our aim is to give as many needy people as possible access to education - helping them to help themselves!