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Wholesale Banking

Christian, Product Management Transaction Services

My role: I am responsible for the coordination and further development of the TS product range along the value chain in Germany.

What does your workday look like?

After breakfast, I usually take the kids to school and kindergarten and then either drive to the office in Frankfurt or stay at home. The idea of two office days and 3 days at my desk at home currently works very well for me.

Once I'm there, I screen through newsletters or other media and then focus on my emails, read the latest developments in the TS environment and look at the meetings that are coming up.

At the office, I regularly look forward to going to lunch with my colleagues or meeting them for a coffee.

You previously worked in retail banking at ING Germany. Why did you decide to switch to wholesale banking?

Before I moved to ING in 2019, I spent 13 years at Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank, respectively, and most of my time there was already spent in transaction banking. Then the opportunity came up to perform in the newly created role of Product Manager in the TS network for Germany. So after almost four years in retail banking, it was a logical step back to the corporate business.

What do you see as the biggest differences between retail and wholesale banking?

The internationality, the individuality and the proximity to corporate customers coupled with the more complex requirements of companies.

Was the transition challenging for you? How did your colleagues help you get used to the new job?

Despite my professional experience, it was a big adjustment because both my role and the way I work changed again. However, I was very well received by my colleagues and felt at ease very quickly.

What makes the working culture at ING special for you?

Partnership-based, honest & appreciative and a great willingness to help.

Is there another role/department that particularly interests you or in which you would like to develop further?

I like my current role in the TS area very much. One reason for this is the wide range of topics available. In addition to payments/cash management, trade finance, and working capital solutions, we are also driving forward digitalization in wholesale banking and are constantly coming across very innovative topics. That makes it very varied and - from my point of view - also offers opportunities for further development within the existing role.

What motivates you at work?

When I can make my contribution to solving problems or improving things. In the best case, this is done as part of a team, having fun and celebrating success together.

What drives you in life besides your job? What are you passionate about?

My family, my wife and my two kids. Since last year I've also been part of a tennis team again and we've established a great community both on and off the court. All in all, this gives me the necessary balance to my daily work routine.

Can you tell us one more personal fact about yourself?

Besides tennis, I'm now also very interested in American football and darts. I also followed the World Cup success of our national basketball team with great passion.