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Wholesale Banking

How to make mobile banking more secure

Nowadays mobile banking is used more than web banking. Also within Wholesale Banking, we have seen an uptake in the last 3 years. Today even 52% of all new InsideBusiness customers use the InsideBusiness app to log in to InsideBusiness on their computer. Mobile banking is a secure way of banking if you are aware of the risks and know how to protect yourself.

The risks of mobile banking

Mobile devices - just like PC’s - are at risk when connected with the internet and not safely used or protected. The main risk is to get malware on your device that steals your credentials to activate access means, get access to your banking environment and even make payments. So you need to know how to manage these risks while using mobile banking. 

How to protect yourself

To ensure mobile banking is safe, take these key aspects into consideration: 

  • Only install mobile apps from legit app stores, created by trusted sources 
  • Do not alter the security settings of your device and do not allow apps to overlay your other apps 
  • Limit access to your phone as much as possible via device PIN or fingerprint 
  • Choose a different PIN for your banking apps 
  • Install an antivirus app to protect you against basic malware threats 
  • Do not click on links, unless you initiated the process 

Be aware of calls or emails on behalf of ING

Remain suspicious of any sudden change in the banking processes, the user interface, or a bank employee reaching out to you to help you. We do not mind if you call us to verify the situation.

Protection of your business mobile phone

The advice above applies to both business and personal mobile devices. But on top of this, some companies prefer to issue a company phone accompanied by a policy, a VPN or software to restrict unauthorized app installations. 

How we keep our mobile banking solution safe

We also take measures to ensure our mobile banking solution with your data and accounts is safe: 

  • Double encrypted data connection with high standards 
  • Integrity check on the mobile app 
  • General fraud monitoring, including activation step-up to Corporate Admin or ING 
  • Encrypted data, cleaning it up or rendering it useless after use 
  • Management of access means by Corporate Admins via InsideBusiness 
  • Regular security reviews by both internal and external parties 
  • Permissions can be set to scope the functionality in the mobile app 

Interested in our mobile services?

To use our mobile services, contact your ING representative. Beforehand you might want to discuss this with the CISO or risk department in your company. 


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