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Wholesale Banking

ING France

We are a leading foreign bank in the French market, focusing on commercial Wholesale Banking activities. Present in France since 1982, and based in Paris, the ING France teams (200 employees) support 250 top-tier customers, large companies representing 75% of the CAC 40 and SBF 120 companies, financial institutions, major international investment funds and real estate companies active in France (LBO, real estate, project finance).

Our long-term approach has enabled us to build lasting relationships with our customers, based on the creation of mutual value. 
Through our sector-based approach, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions and services in France and internationally: sustainable finance, loans and acquisition finance, real estate finance and leasing, cash management solutions, working capital financing, capital market financing, market risk management (interest rates, foreign exchange, commodities, equities).
This offer is developed nationally and internationally through a network in more than 40 countries.

ING France ranks among the top five foreign banks operating in France and is one of the top 10 League Tables for bonds and syndicated loans.

"Our purpose at ING is to empower people to stay ahead in life and in business. We do our utmost to support the growth of our clients in France and globally, leveraging from our extensive network notably in Benelux and Central Eastern Europe. Furthermore we have the ambition to keep playing a leading role in the transformation of our clients towards more sustainable business model by boosting their reflection and fostering them to go beyond their environmental, social and governance targets."

Thomas Labergère - CEO of ING France

    Our sustainable finance commitments

    As a bank, we have a specific role and responsibility to play in the transition to a more sustainable economy and society.

    Although we finance many sustainable activities, we finance even more unsustainable activities, as around 80% of the energy used in the world today is still based on fossil fuels.

    ING France is committed to supporting its customers in their transition to a greener, more responsible economy, with a full range of tailored financial products and services.

    We have solid experience in sustainable finance and were the first bank in France to set up a Sustainability-Improvement Loan with EDF. We are introducing variable-rate loan products indexed to companies' sustainable development performance. We are also continuing to develop financing solutions in line with the European environmental taxonomy.:

    ING Group is now a banking benchmark in terms of sustainability, in particular through our Terra approach.

    This science-based approach aims to achieve carbon neutrality in the projects we finance, in particular by gearing the most carbon-intensive elements of our portfolio towards the goal of net zero by 2050, and to study the impact of climate change on projects already financed, assessing the risks and taking steps to mitigate them.

    We are therefore committed to favouring the financing of companies with a low environmental footprint and to reducing our support for sectors with a high carbon footprint.

    For example, we have reduced funding for coal-fired power stations to almost zero by 2025, we are no longer providing dedicated funding for new oil and gas fields and we have accelerated the reduction of our upstream oil and gas funding to zero by 2040. Our goal is to triple our financing of renewable energy production to €7.5 billion a year by 2025, from €2.5 billion in 2022, in line with the agreements reached at COP28 and the latest scenarios from the International Energy Association (IEA).

    Why place your trust in us?

    Our international network enables us to support our customers beyond France's borders. In 2023, 57% of the projects we financed were international. Our sector-based approach (energy, transport, healthcare, etc.) enables us to build lasting relationships with our customers, based on mutual value creation. We have solid experience in sustainable finance and are committed to financing the development of business models in line with the Paris Agreement.

    Join us

    Do challenges drive you forward and do you like to get things moving? Do you want to co-construct with your colleagues to stay one step ahead? At ING France, creating a differentiating experience starts with our collaborative, open and innovative culture defined in our Code Orange. Our raison d'être: to support the desire to act for a more responsible world. Join us and be part of the ING adventure! 🦁

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