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Wholesale Banking

Changemakers who inspire us and show us the way to sustainability

Our world is changing. We are constantly facing new challenges and we still believe in progress. That's why we support changemakers - people and companies who strive for sustainable change in society or their industry. Although the coronavirus pandemic has shifted global priorities, we cannot abandon our efforts to combat the climate crisis. On the contrary, we have been given a unique opportunity to collectively press the reset button and make changes to our approach to create a better and more resilient world.

As a bank, we can play a significant role by financing change and using our expertise and sector knowledge to help you achieve your goals. We make things personal, easy, and smart for you, then step aside and let you do your thing.

World changemakers stories

At ING, we believe that people who behave responsibly can always find a way to make progress. We support such people and now we bring you their stories from all over the world.

Innovative sustainable changes from join project of ING and Financial Times

From a regional and industry perspective, the Changemaker series indicates how people think and which consumer trends will dominate this year and in the years to come.

Czech ‘do your thing’ microsite

Global and Czech changemakers’ stories. Traditional industries innovatively and sustainably. Personal stories of change makers in different sectors. And who are the "changemakers" among consumers, their customers?