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Wholesale Banking

Request to Pay

Request to Pay is a service related to the Instant Payment System (AFR). By initiating a Request to Pay, the beneficiary can send a Request to Pay to the payer for a particular amount. In the event that the payer approves the request, the amount indicated therein will be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account within up to 5 seconds in the Instant Payment System. The beneficiary can be a public utility provider, a business undertaking or a private individual. The payer can decide whether to fulfil, reject or ignore the Request to Pay, i.e., the Request to Pay does not automatically create a payment obligation. It is also up to the decision of the payer if they directly notify the beneficiary about ignoring the Request to Pay or not, and if yes, when to do so. When rejecting the Request to Pay received, the party requested to fulfil the payment can indicate the reason of the rejection in the reference field, by modifying the text entered by the sender.


Important notice to ING Bank clients

ING Bank is expected to launch its final, automated Request to Pay service (including initiating and receiving such transactions) at the end of 2024, but our Clients will be able to receive Request to Pays through our Internet Banking service (InsideBusiness Portal) from 1 April 2024. If a Client receives a Request to Pay, our Bank will forward it to the Client through our Internet Bank where the Client, in response to the request, may initiate an instant payment order with the data included in the request. To enable the proper processing of the Request to Pay, the unique identifier indicated in the order must be provided in the reference field of the manually initiated instant payment order. Our Clients, if they do not intend to use the service, can make a statement in this regard. In such a case, Request to Pays sent to relevant accounts will be automatically rejected by our Bank without further notice. To access the relevant statement, click here. Please, send back your respective statements, with a qualified electronic signature, to, or in a duly signed by Authorized Signatories form via post to ING Bank’s customer service at Dózsa György út 84/b.


How does the service work?

  • The Request to Pay is available every day of the week, 24 hours a day.
  • The Request to Pay is available only between domestic HUF accounts.
  • The expiry of the request is determined by the beneficiary, which may be up to 60 days, and the request cannot be approved after its expiry.
  • Signed and sent Request to Pays cannot subsequently be modified or withdrawn.
  • Request to Pays may be made for up to a amount of HUF 20 million.
  • The payer may approve the fulfilment of the instant transfer order with the same data indicated in the Request to Pay or, alternatively, may also modify the amount or even provide further data (e.g. reference text) in cases where this option was permitted by the beneficiary when the Request to Pay was initiated.