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Wholesale Banking

Benchmark Administration

ING Bank N.V. (ING) is registered as benchmark administrator under the EU Benchmark Regulation (EU) 2016/1011 and included in the ESMA register.

Administered benchmarks

ING currently administers a family of ten non-significant benchmark that aim to represent hedgeable investment strategies. The calculation of these benchmarks is outsourced to Solactive AG who calculates the benchmarks on a daily basis. The Rulebooks of the individual benchmarks are accessible via the following links:

Governance and relevant statements

As required by the EU Benchmark Regulation ING adopted a governance framework to ensure a clear separation between the administration of the indices and the use of these indices within the ING organization, and to mitigate possible conflicts of interest.

ING Governance - Administrator Governance Framework

ING Governance - Global Administrator Committee Charter

ING Governance - Administrator Oversight Committee - Duties and responsibilities

ING Bank N.V. - Conflicts of Interests Procedure


The Compliance Statement and the Benchmark Statement as required by the EU Benchmark Regulation:

ING Bank N.V. - Compliance Statement

ING Bank N.V. - Benchmark Statement

ING Bank N.V. - ESG Statement


Procedure for changes to the methodology and for cessation

ING has adopted a procedure for possible changes to the methodology and for the cessation of the benchmarks.

ING Bank N.V. - Procedure for changes to and cessation of benchmarks



Complaints related to the administration of the indices can be filed in conformity with the ING Financial Markets Global Complaints Policy.

ING Bank N.V. - FM Global Complaints Policy