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Wholesale Banking

The new iDEAL

Buying and paying online has taken off in recent years. And your customers want to do this as smoothly and quickly as possible. That's why we're working with Currence - the brand owner of iDEAL - and the other banks to realize the new iDEAL with several innovations.


The first innovations

Below you will find the 3 innovations that will be available first. In addition, more innovations are being worked on that you can use later.

  1. Your customers will soon choose their bank on a new iDEAL payment page, which is the same in any online payment environment.
  2. Your customers will also be able to create an iDEAL profile with their preferred account and address information. The customer receives a confirmation in their bank app immediately after a payment. This makes ordering and paying a lot smoother and faster.
  3. Will you make fast check-out available for your customers? Then your customer doesn't have to fill in delivery details. Because this data is automatically filled in from their iDEAL profile.

More convenience for your customer, and possibly higher conversion for you


Migration timelines

You can now prepare for the transition to the new iDEAL. And from the end of 2023, you can start the actual migration. You have plenty of time to complete the migration before July 1, 2024. The current iDEAL ceases to exist. Are youpart of the First Mover program? Then you can start migration in October. And do you use Payment Request and/or QR codes? Then you will be migrating to the new iDEAL as well.


Migration support  

You can find a lot of useful information to migrate your online payment environment at You can think of all technical documentation such as specifications and manuals.


More information

We will keep you informed about all current developments and timelines through both this page and through personal letters & emails.


You can also read this information in Dutch



1. Why is iDEAL renovating?

Because after 20 years, the iDEAL infrastructure needs renewal. Especially as the retail and payment behaviour and preferences of consumers have changed:

  • they shop online more often
  • they want more shopping convenience
  • they want more flexibility in paying


2. What benefits do I have with the new iDEAL?

With the innovations you offer your customers a better experience in your online environment. This may lead to greater customer satisfaction and higher conversion.


3. Can my customers just keep paying with iDEAL?

Yes, provided you migrate to the new iDEAL. There will be a transition period where your customers can pay through the 'old' and the new iDEAL. That period runs from October 2023 to 1 July 2024. After 1 July 2024, the current iDEAL ceases to exist. And, the faster you migrate to the new iDEAL, the faster your customers can benefit from its advantages.


4. What will change for my customers?

Your customers will experience more convenience and speed when ordering and paying online. For example, your customers can pay faster if they have created a profile on the new iDEAL payment page. Because then less information needs to be filled in at the time of payment because this information is already in their profile.


5. When will my customers be able to use the new iDEAL?

Your customers will be able to use this as soon as you have migrated to the new iDEAL environment and offer the new iDEAL in your online environment. That will therefore be between the fourth quarter of  2023 and 1 July 2024.


6. What will the new iDEAL look like for my customers?

More information about this can be found on Currence's iDEAL page and on the iDEAL Developer Portal


7. What do I have to do to keep offering iDEAL to my customers?

To do this, you will migrate to the new iDEAL. Our iDEAL Developer Portal is available  which tells you what to do to migrate your online payment environment and how best to do it. For example, this will include all technical documentation such as specifications and manuals.


8. When do I need to be migrated the latest?

The migration will take place from the 4th quarter of 2023. This must be completed by 1 July 2024, as the current iDEAL will cease to exist.


9. Is it already known how much time it takes to migrate?

We can't specify that precisely, because this also depends on your online payment environment. In any case, it is certain that this migration will require the necessary  IT capacity. Please contact the company or the person responsible for your online environment in time.


10. Can I do the migration myself?

For migration, you need specific technical knowledge. Do you think you don't have this knowledge? You should contact an IT specialist as soon as you have received more information from us.


11. What happens if I do nothing?

Then your customers can no longer pay you via iDEAL. Because the current iDEAL will cease to exist on 1 July 2024.


12. I have not been informed about the need to migrate. What should I do?

This is correct, and you do not need to do anything. We are still in the preparatory phase; we will keep you informed about developments.


13. I think I need help with migration, who can I turn to?

We recommend that you go to the person or company that has built and maintains your online environment. In any case, all technical documentation such as specifications and manuals are available at And you can always contact us with questions.


14. I just want to use the current iDEAL, can I?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as the current iDEAL will be replaced by the new iDEAL. So you can no longer use the current iDEAL after the transition period, ending 1 July 2024.


15. I read that iDEAL has been taken over by the European Payments Initiative (EPI). What does that mean for me?

IDEAL has been taken over by EPI in order to introduce a modern and flexible European wide payment solution. In the long term, iDEAL will be integrated into the EPI solution. This has no direct consequences for you. IDEAL remains the fast and reliable payment solution you already know. And we will continue to work on more functionalities that provide an even better payment experience for your customers.


16. What is iDEAL in3? 

Payment solution iDEAL and the Eindhoven-based FinTech company in3, in collaboration with payment service provider Buckaroo, are launching a pilot program to offer instalment payments through iDEAL with a group of web shops. The goal of the pilot is to test how Dutch consumers and online retailers receive and use this new payment option iDEAL in3. 


17. Does ING offer iDEAL in3 to merchants? 

No. Until the pilot results are being evaluated the service will not be offered to merchants. And a decision will depend on the results of the pilot.


18. Where can I find more information on iDEAL in3? 

More information is available on iDEAL | Frequently asked questions - iDEAL