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Wholesale Banking

Interest and reference rates

In accordance with the Tariffs and Conditions for Payment Services of ING Bank N.V., pobočka zahraničnej banky hereby we annouce the actual interest rates applied on current accounts valid as of 1st January 2023.

Credit balance in currency:

EUR0% p.a.
USD0% p.a.
GBP0% p.a.
CHF0% p.a.
JPY0% p.a.
HUF0% p.a.
RON0% p.a.
RUB0% p.a.
SEK0% p.a.
CZK0% p.a.
PLN0% p.a.
NOK0% p.a.

Default interest (unauthorised overdraft / debit balance)

EUR9,50% p.a.
USD10,00% p.a.
GBP9,00% p.a.
CHF10,00% p.a.
JPY10,00% p.a.
HUF14,00% p.a.
RON22,50% p.a.
RUB33,00% p.a.
SEK10,00% p.a.
CZK10,00% p.a.
PLN9,50% p.a.
NOK8,00% p.a.