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Getting started with mToken

What is mToken?

mToken is a feature of the InsideBusiness app, which allows you to scan a QR code to quickly log in to InsideBusiness and sign orders and transactions with your smartphone.

What are the benefits of mToken?

  • Easy self-activation within minutes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No expiration date
  • No extra costs
  • Meets global security standards

Download the InsideBusiness App

To use mToken, just download the InsideBusiness App from your app store (iOS or Android) and follow the instructions on the screen. Or scan below QR code with your mobile phone.

The InsideBusiness app is available on the App Store    Get the app on Google Play

How secure is mToken?

mToken combines the security of two-factor authentication with the convenience of mobile devices. You can leverage additional mobile device security features (e.g., PIN, Swipe, Fingerprint) to further secure your mobile phone. Read more details on the security of mToken.

    What to do in case you cannot use mToken?

    Please check with your Corporate Administrator or your local InsideBusiness support team if you have the right permissions to use mToken.

    ING I-Dentity Card and Reader users

    If you are currently using an ING I-Dentity Card and Reader and would like to move to mToken, download the InsideBusiness app and follow the instructions on the screen. After installation you won’t need your ING I-Dentity Card anymore. 

    Please check your company’s internal policy about which ways to access InsideBusiness are permitted.

    How to register your InsideBusiness App

    mToken Flyer