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Wholesale Banking

Benefits of InsideBusiness ‘Service requests’

What is a Service request?

The InsideBusiness ‘Service request’ module offers you a secure and easy self-service solution for all types of requests relating to our Wholesale Banking (WB) products and services. It is provided in InsideBusiness in all countries where InsideBusiness is available. Service requests are also available in the InsideBusiness App. It is a single WB implementation that can be used by both you and your ING contact across borders and cross-domains.

A Service request is a request submitted by you directly to ING through the Service request module of InsideBusiness. This allows you to be in direct contact with ING in a secure manner.

You can find Service requests in the menu of InsideBusiness under ‘Client services’. 

Features and benefits

The Service request module offers a wide array of useful features and benefits. 

You can initiate and manage your requests within one central platform. These include many request types like generic, account modification, payment inquiry and copy of statement.

The Service request module allows you to:

  • Initiate, register and monitor Service requests
  • View all Service requests initiated by you and your ING Customer Loyalty Team
  • Track, trace and view the status of all outstanding Service requests
  • Engage directly with your ING Customer Loyalty Team through the chat functionality
  • Share and receive documents and files securely
  • Receive timely notifications and alerts on your open Service requests


  • Direct and secure contact with your ING Customer Loyalty Team
  • Manage all of your Service requests and related interactions with ING in one central platform
  • Clear overview of all Service requests and insight into their status; you can see which party has to act (you or ING)
  • Seamless, intuitive, smart intake of requests
  • Easy and secure way of sharing documents
  • Ensures that all required documents are generated instantly to process your Service request faster

Examples of Service requests

You can submit either a ‘Generic request’ or a more specific request: a ‘Structured Service request’.

Structured Service requests cater for requests related to specific products and services. This type of requests has more specific fields that allow you to provide all the necessary information required, allowing for a quick and complete fulfilment of your request.

Examples of Service requests are: account modification, payment inquiry and copy of statement.

Further questions

In case you require any additional information or would like to know more about the Service request module in general, please reach out to your ING Customer Loyalty Team. They will be happy to elaborate further.