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Wholesale Banking

Getting started with ING Scanner

    What is ING Scanner?

    ING Scanner is used for logging in and signing in InsideBusiness. It is a physical alternative to our highly valued mobile solution: mToken.

    Scanner is also a secure and strong two-factor authentication means.

    ING Scanner used to log into ING InsideBusiness

    Go directly to:

    Scanner in a nutshell:

    • ING Scanner uses an encrypted colour code for logging in and signing
    • The device is personalised and secured by a user-chosen PIN
    • The device shows relevant information about the activities 

    To use the Scanner, you first need to request a device and activate it online. 

    Secure banking with ING Scanner

    • If you lose the scanner device or if it is stolen, immediately contact your Corporate Administrator or ING InsideBusiness Support.
    • Always keep your PIN a secret.
    • If you suspect misuse because your PIN was exposed, contact your Corporate Administrator or InsideBusiness.
    • Never hand your scanner device to anyone else; ING will never ask you to hand over your scanner for any reason.

    Request your ING Scanner

    Tip: If you have the InsideBusiness App with mToken, you do not need a scanner. You can directly log into InsideBusiness using your mobile phone.

    If you have access to InsideBusiness, you can request an ING Scanner yourself. Login and check the article in the Knowledge Centre.

    No access to InsideBusiness? Please contact your Corporate Administrator or ING InsideBusiness Support.

    The device will be delivered within 5 working days and has to be activated before use.

    Activate your ING Scanner

    After you receive the device, read the accompanied instructions, prepare the device and start activation.

    Re-activation can be done whenever the scanner is deactivated.

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    Login and sign with ING Scanner

    • To login, you need your original user ID as provided by ING after onboarding. You can find your user ID in InsideBusiness Profile & Settings.
    • If you want to change your PIN, hold the on-off button for 3 seconds and choose "Change PIN".

    Change settings of your ING Scanner

    • In order to access the settings menu of the device, hold down all 3 top buttons simultaneously when switched off.
    • Navigate through the menu using the left top button.
    • Choose the setting you want change and confirm with "ok".

    Re-use or disposal of your ING Scanner

    You must remove your user info if you do not want to use your ING Scanner anymore. Here’s how: 

    • Hold the on-off button for 3 seconds and choose "Remove users". All users can be removed.
    • Now, a different InsideBusiness user can re-use the device or you can bring it to a local electronics disposal facility for disposal.