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Wholesale Banking

ING’s fraud measures

Apart from the preventive measures, like highly secure authentication of users and encryption of data, ING has implemented several monitoring solutions to detect fraud. In combination with dedicated teams aimed at rapid information sharing, prevention and response, ING is able to deal adequately with new fraud threats and can act quickly when a fraud case is detected.

ING’s virtual cybercrime and fraud team

ING has responded to the increasing level of cyber fraud by creating a single virtual team, which reviews and addresses fraud prevention for the whole of ING Wholesale Banking. The combination of cybersecurity and fraud experts and regular weekly calls across geographical areas ensure the optimal sharing of information throughout the organisation.

Session monitoring

The interactive channels are monitored by real-time analysis of the web sessions. The goal is to detect fraudulent use of the channels, based on indicators of illicit activities. Some forms of malware in the customer’s environment can be detected by our anomaly analysis; in this case ING will inform the customer and advise on further steps.

Transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring capabilities are implemented that use behavioural analysis, machine learning and rules engines. Based on historic patterns, transactions are analysed in real-time, generating alerts when anomalies are detected.

Dedicated fraud operations team

Detected anomalies in the session or transaction monitoring will lead to alerts that are handled by a dedicated fraud team. If additional analysis does not lift the suspicion, the affected client will be contacted to determine whether or not the detected anomaly is the result of fraudulent actions. In such cases, first contact will always be established via known contacts and by phone, after which contact will be established on more operational level if needed.


The information on this page is provided to you solely for informational purposes in order to make you aware of the most frequent cases of fraud and provide you with recommendations to protect yourself against it. This information does not ensure that your company, acting upon these recommendations is or will be protected against any occurrence of fraud detailed on this website. No rights can be derived from the use of and reliance on the safeguards you take by following up these recommendations. ING does not accept any responsibility or liability with respect to your reliance on and the actions you take as a result of these recommendations. This disclaimer is governed by Dutch law.


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