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Wholesale Banking

FAQ ING Corporate Cards

Find answers to frequently asked questions. 

Jump straight to your question:

How can I get a copy statement?

The Programme Administrator (PA) can call the ING service team and ask for the copy statement of the programmes he is responsible for.
Cardholders can only ask for copy statements of their own card also through the ING service team.

How can I apply for a new PIN?

Please contact the ING Service team in case you need a new PIN.

+31 (0)10 428 95 81 (24/7)

How can I change cardholder information (eg limit, address)?

You can use the “Change Cardholder Information” form which is available through your Personal Administrator (PA).

Where can I see transactions real time?

You have up-to-date insight into your transactions through the ING Commercial Card portal or via the ING Commercial Card app.

How can I apply for SDRAM?

You need to have access to Smart Data in order to apply for SDRAM. Once you have Smart Data you can apply for SDRAM by calling the ING Service Team +31 (0)10 428 95 81 (24/7)

What are the tariffs and conditions?

You can find the tariffs and terms and conditions on the Requesting an ING Corporate Card page.

Lost or stolen card - what to do?

In the event of your card being lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Service team: +31 10 428 9581 (24/7).

When reporting a lost or stolen card, the following information is required:

  • when the card was lost/stolen
  • where the card was lost/stolen
  • confirmation of the last valid transaction with your card.

We will close the account and transfer all account details to a new account number. You will receive a new card within 7-10 working days.


Company liability waiver

An insurance protecting you against unauthorised use of cards.

SafeGuard insurance and assistance for cardholders

A service which insures each cardholder against delayed or lost luggage and flight delays, and provides them with legal, medical and organisational assistance when needed.

Mastercard Identity Check

Gives protection against fraud when purchasing online.

Which exchange rate does ING use?

ING uses the exchange rate in effect on the date on which the transaction is entered into your Corporate Card account, to convert foreign currencies to euros. This transaction entry date may differ from the date on which you used your Corporate Card. ING uses the MasterCard price list.

Check your transactions

To review your transactions in the ING Commercial app:

  1. Log into the app
  2. Select your credit card under My Cards

All transactions from the past 12 months will be shown. The transactions are sorted by statement period. In the tab ‘Others’ you will see your card limit, the outstanding amount, and the next payment due date.

To review your transactions and to download your statements from the ING Commercial Card portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Access the ING Commercial Card app
  4. Select the Authenticator option from the upper menu to generate the security code
  5. Insert the security code on the portal screen

If needed, you can submit a dispute. Examples include: goods were not received or shipment was incomplete; transaction entered twice; amount is incorrect. Select a dispute form below in your preferred language.


If you suspect fraud, do not use one of these forms. In that case contact our service team as soon as possible (24/7): +31 (0)10 - 428 9581 or at one of our local numbers.