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Wholesale Banking

ING Wholesale Banking in Switzerland

With a presence in Switzerland for more than 30 years, today ING is active as a leading wholesale bank in the financing of physical commodity traders, a sector for which Geneva is a European hub for the sourcing and delivery of more than a third of the world trading flows in markets such as crude oil, aluminium or coffee beans. ING is also active in Switzerland in corporate banking, mainly out of its Zurich office, servicing a large base of Swiss multinational groups and large corporates.

Our presence in Switzerland

  • Leader in trade commodity finance: More than 75% of major commodity traders active in Geneva consider ING as a primary bank.
  • Frontrunner in innovation: We are a founding member of the blockchain-based platforms  incorporated in Geneva with an ambition to transform commodities trade finance: VAKT and komgo.
  • Frontrunner in sustainability: We were the first bank to market sustainability improvement facilities to large corporates and commodity traders.

Very international by nature, our activities in Switzerland serve companies incorporated in more than 60 different countries. We benefit from a high level of diversity in our teams with more than 25 different nationalities among our 265 employees working in the Geneva canton (250) and in Zurich (15).



Best Bank for Transaction Services in Western Europe

Traders’ Choice Awards

Best Commodity Finance Bank

Environmental Finance

ING wins Green bond of the Year award


A competitive economy

With its low unemployment rate, high per capita income, policies of long-term monetary security and political stability, Switzerland is one of the most stable economies in the world. This stability has made it a safe haven for investors, who have brought with them a steady tide of foreign investment. Switzerland's economy holds a highly developed service sector, led by financial services. Industry still amounts to over a quarter of the Swiss gross domestic product and focuses on the manufacturing of high-technology, knowledge-based products. The obvious business advantage Switzerland has to offer makes it a competitive economy for many businesses to operate from.

Corporate fraud

Protect yourself from fraud by learning about the types of scams and countermeasures used to prevent these.

The following types of corporate fraud are described in respective leaflets:

These fraud cases occur daily, worldwide and generate billions of losses annually.

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