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Wholesale Banking

ING Wholesale Banking in Taiwan

In 1991, we enlarged our international network to include the Taipei branch by taking over Lloyds Bank Taipei, which had been operating in Taiwan since 1981. Our Taipei branch holds an all-inclusive wholesale banking licence that incorporates a Domestic Banking Unit and an Offshore Banking Unit.

Our presence in Taiwan

  • All-inclusive banking licence
  • Experience in and knowledge of the technology sector
  • Extensive network of experts


Global Finance Sustainable Finance Awards

ING awarded Best Bank for Transition/Sustainability-Linked Loans in APAC

The Asset Triple A Sustainable Infrastructure Awards

ING wins Renewable Energy Restructuring Deal of the Year


Innovative financial solutions

We aim to maximise our value propositions to our clients by bringing innovative financial solutions to the market. Our all-inclusive commercial banking licence allows us to offer a variety of products in the fields of financial markets, structured lending, cash management, and corporate finance from a single platform. As specialists in the wholesale banking business, we provide sound structured solutions. We have extensive knowledge of and experience in the technology sector. Our capabilities include providing cross-border trade finance services and financial market flow hedging, and outbound support in payments and cash management, and access to Bank Mendes Gans to Taiwan clients.

Financial reports

Annual reports

ING Bank

ING Bank Taipei branch



Quarterly reports

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Loan Bad Debt Report
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31 Dec  2022

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TWD deposit/loan interest calculation


Statement of Internal Control


Statement of Information Security


Statement of AML / CFT Internal control


ING Bank Tariffs


OBU RMB business & Risk Disclosure Statement
OBU RMB BusinessOBU RMB Risk Disclosure Statement

Depositors' interest

Useful information

  • Dispute line +886 2 8729 7686 (Compliance)
  • Taiwan Executive Yuan AML office
  • ING Taipei branch Work-From-Home Plan has been approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission on May 27th 2021.