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Wholesale Banking

Orange blog - Transformation

What impact are current economic developments or trends having on sectors, companies and business models? To ensure that your financial decision remains valid tomorrow, we think outside the box for you and your business – bringing fresh analyses and exciting insights.

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Stable payment transactions in Ukraine

15 December 2022

At the beginning of November, the EU Commission recommended the opening of accession negotiations with Ukraine. This brings the country's political system and economic situation into focus. And this is proving to be surprisingly stable, which is due not least to the work of the National Bank of Ukraine.

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06 December 2023

Debt advisory as a banking service

When it comes to advisory services, it is no longer just the Big Four and boutique consultancies that are competing. Banks are also increasingly offering advice on the structuring of debt financing. But what is the added value and how do the services differ?

02 November 2023

Managing your own resources better

In recent years, the topic of mental health has increasingly become the focus of companies and employees. And rightly so: Current studies show that more and more people are struggling with mental stress in their jobs and everyday lives. What can companies do about it? And how can employees manage their own resources better?

18 October 2023

Trade and supply chains

Rough waters ahead – how can banks support their customers?

23 September 2022

Out of the dependencies

Regional crises are increasingly becoming a challenge. For example, potential risks are emerging in business with China, and treasury has a key role to play in analysing them.

07 July 2022

Benchmark interest rates and the impact on insurers

Insurers that have traditionally written a high proportion of USD-based business are now having to deal intensively with the change.

28 June 2022

Moving into the position of an advisory partner

Banks are playing a key role for organizations in transition - Offering long-term added value and going beyond their role as a simple finance provider.

IoT makes it possible: swarm storage in urban mobility
09 September 2021

IoT makes it possible: swarm storage in urban mobility

With ongoing urbanisation, rapid reductions in local emissions and the energy transition on top, current challenges for towns could hardly be bigger.

10 September 2020

How digitalisation and sustainability are changing the transport and logistics sector

Changes in supply chain management and the use of automation and data are already changing the transport and logistics sector. These trends are being accelerated by technological advances, the increased importance of sustainability and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

20 May 2021

What does Covid-19 mean for the transport and logistics industry?

The Covid-19 pandemic has dominated the global economy for many months. Supply chains are disrupted, factories have had to suspend production, and companies are placing their employees on furlough. What do these developments mean for the transport and logistics sector? What challenges are companies currently facing and what is being done to prepare for the post-crisis period?

14 May 2020

What does Covid-19 mean for the renewable energy sector?

Covid-19 forced many companies in Germany to stop or significantly reduce production. Restaurants, retailers and hotels also had to close their doors, and many workers began working from home. These trends had an impact on the energy sector. How has the sector come through the crisis so far, and how can it be more resilient to crises in the future?

07 May 2019

ING Germany: our route to the future of agile working

In the summer of 2018, we started moving the entire bank to agile working, because we wanted to become even faster and more efficient. We have already gained our first experiences in this area.

10 April 2019

Agility – the key elements in a nutshell

In an agile working environment, customers' needs can be better integrated into how products and services are developed and then brought to market much faster. But what is agile working all about and how does a company manage the transition?