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Wholesale Banking

Why is it that some companies have emerged from the crisis stronger than before while others struggle to survive? Is it because they can anticipate the unexpected, are they more adaptable, or is it just plain luck? Watch this virtual event with guest speakers: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of the Black Swan, and the CEOs of Heineken and PostNL, to find the answers.

Want to learn more about how becoming anti fragile in this fast changing world? Re-watch our 90 minute webinar Swimming with black swans.

How to re-watch the webinar?

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Write ‘password Swimming with black swans’ and hit send
  3. We will send you the password as soon as possible.

About Nassim Nicholas Taleb:

Nassim  spent 21 years as a risk taker (quantitative  trader) before becoming a researcher in philosophical, mathematical and (mostly) practical problems with probability.

Taleb is the author of a multivolume essay, the Incerto (The Black Swan, Fooled by Randomness, Antifragile, and Skin in the Game) covering broad facets of uncertainty. It has been published  into 43 languages.

In addition to his trader life, Taleb has also written, as a backup of the Incerto, more than 50 scholarly papers in mathematical statistics, genetics, quantitative finance, statistical physics, philosophy, ethics, economics, & international affairs, around the notion of risk and probability  (grouped in theTechnical Incerto).

Taleb is currently Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering (only a quarter time position) [and, finance related bio only: scientific advisor for Universa Investments]. His current focus is on the properties of systems that can handle disorder ("antifragile"). Taleb refuses all honors and anything that "turns knowledge into a spectator sport".