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Online events

Orange live

Join us for one of the Orange live online event series. Orange live events are digital experiences covering relevant topics that impact your business as well as your personal lives. Watch Orange live on demand via the links below or register for the next Orange live event.

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On demand

29 September 2021

Smart container webinar: embarking on an era of smart containers

Can the ‘smart container’ be the catalyst to once again revolutionize this industry, traditionally more focused on physical assets? To find the insights, watch this virtual event with our guest speakers of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, Digital container shipping association, and Traxens, a market leading developer of container tracking devices.

02 July 2021

Orange live | Swimming with black swans

Why is it that some companies have emerged from the crisis stronger than before while others struggle to survive? Is it because they can anticipate the unexpected, are they more adaptable, or is it just plain luck? Watch this virtual event with guest speakers: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of the Black Swan, and the CEOs of Heineken and PostNL, to find the answers.

08 June 2021

Tax and Treasury: it takes 2 to tango!

Do you want to know whether your cash pool or intercompany transactions are tax compliant and do you want to hear how other corporates are dealing with the ever increasing complexity and compliance burden? Then watch this webinar. Experts from Zanders, Quantera Global and AS Watson share their expertise and views on how to set an appropriate interest rate for intercompany transactions and cash pools.

05 May 2021

Orange live | Sustainable business beyond the green

Sustainability is high on the agenda as society and businesses plan for a post-pandemic future. Businesses have had their resilience tested in this time of crisis and are taking a close look at their future priorities. Then watch this Orange live event where we will discover how sustainability fits into this picture and what it means for the financial performance of your company.

05 February 2021

Orange live | Exploring treasury in the never normal

We are forced to adapt constantly to a new normal. But is there a new normal, or do we now live in a never normal? This webinar in the Orange live series focusses on how Treasury is being impacted by the ongoing changes in the world. Do you want to explore Treasury in a never normal? Then watch this Orange live event on demand.

12 November 2020

Orange live | The out of the office dilemma

The pandemic has forced us to work remotely, collaborate virtually and left us with empty offices. Do you want to reimagine the work and office landscape over the long term? Then watch this Orange live event on demand where we will delve into ‘the out of the office dilemma’.