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Wholesale Banking

Say YES to every card | Mastercard and VISA accepted

More and more customers want to pay by credit cards, and as a retailer, you do not want to miss out. Say YES to every card of Mastercard and VISA, and by doing so, maximise your revenue potential and make your customer smile.

consumers paying with cards

What's in it for you

  • Higher sales potential: more customers can pay at your business, it might increase your sales. 
  • Happier customer: make your customer smile by accepting their card of choice. 
  • Future-proof: your updated POS terminal is compatible with all current and new payment types via the terminal. 
  • Competitive advantage: whether a customer chooses your shop or a competitor’s sometimes comes down to the details. That’s when credit card acceptance can make a difference.
  • Cash flow: while customers benefit from their account being debited only at the end of the month, you will receive the funds in your account in just several days. 

Cards are the future

Cash payments are losing ground while card payment volumes have increased in recent years, a trend that will continue over the next few years. Besides debit cards, credit card payments have also grown. In 2020, people in the Netherlands collectively owned 6.5 million credit cards, these cards made more than 204 million payments with a total value of €14.1 billion. The number of credit cards is projected to grow to 6.9 million in 2026, with more than 296 million credit card payments expected to be made that year, with a total value of €20.9 billion (source: Mastercard Market Trends). 

Why add credit card acceptance?

Your terminal can accept all types of cards (both debit and credit cards) now. Therefore this is the perfect moment to add credit card acceptance so that you are ready for worldwide payment acceptance for all Mastercard and Visa cards (Global Acceptance). All you need to do is signing a contract. 

How does it work? 


icon contacticon contract signing

1. Contact your ING representative

2. ING will draw a contract and send it to you for signing

icon ING takes carepayment terminal ready
3. ING will make sure that your terminals are ready to accept credit card payments4. All of your customers can pay with their cards

What do fellow retailers say

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Want to know more? 

Please contact your ING representative.