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ING signs up to Neptune declaration for seafarer wellbeing and crew change

ING, together with over 300 signatories, is proud to sign up to the Global Maritime Forum’s Neptune declaration on seafarer wellbeing and crew change to address the plight of seafarers and the crew change crisis. By focusing on concrete actions, we hope to relieve the plight of seafarers and keep the vital global supply chains functioning. 

As a leading shipping financier, ING sees the essential impact of maritime trade to the development of economies and the benefit to wider societies. We believe that seafarers are the life blood of the shipping industry and should be acknowledged as key workers that facilitates the global supply chain.

The unprecedented crisis we’re facing because of the coronavirus pandemic is giving us an unprecedented opportunity to make new choices. Our immediate attention is directed at supporting our customers and the communities who have been hit hardest by the pandemic such as seafarers.  Human rights are universal. Governments have the duty to protect individuals against human rights abuses. We are a signatory to the Poseidon Principles as the shipping industry has a strong environmental connection and impact, but human rights are another key aspect of ING’s overall ESR framework.  

Commenting on the Neptune Declaration, Stephen Fewster, Global Head of Shipping at ING said: "We are proud to be a signatory to the Global Maritime Forum’s Neptune Declaration.  With 90% of global goods transported by sea, we believe it is everyone’s responsibility and duty to support and protect seafarers who are the frontline workers of the shipping sector. Crew change is critical to the safety and wellbeing of the crew as well as ensuring the smooth facilitation of global trade. We will work with all appropriate organisations and authorities to highlight the restrictions and plight of seafarers".