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Wholesale Banking

Featured articles

The imitators

Robot-assisted process automation can reduce finance department costs. The software mimics elements of human routine, giving the finance department more time for other tasks. That's the idea behind it. Guest article by Andreas Gottlieb, Director Transaction Sales Services at ING in Germany, and Joanna Porębska-Matysiak, Director of Transaction Banking Sales Center at ING in Poland.

06 November 2020

Banks make all the difference

When it comes to sustainable financing, banks are financial backers, advisers, facilitators and organisers all in one. The example of the energy service provider ista shows how this works in practice. Guest article by Dr. Roland Mess, Director Sustainable Finance and Marc van der Hooft, Head of International Clients.

03 November 2020

Focus on sustainability

Jürgen von der Lehr, responsible for ING's sustainability operations, is convinced that banks can be part of the solution. Guest article by Jürgen von der Lehr, CoE Lead Strategy & Business Development.

25 September 2020

Resilient banking relationship

Finance departments need to have fewer, but closer banking relationships. Above all, there needs to be an improved flow of information between the company and the bank. Guest article by Nikola Kopp, Team Head Diversified Lending, and Ko Osinga, Lead Credit Risk

24 September 2020

Covid-19 as a catalyst for change

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a significant and rapid reduction in operations across a large number of companies. Guest article by Alexander Gutmann, Managing Director Client Coverage, and Wouter Jansen, Director Corporate Lending.

12 June 2020

Taking advantage of the momentum

The Covid-19 crisis will speed up digitalisation in finance and treasury departments. This is already being felt at the energy company Marquard & Bahls. Guest article by Christine Fritzinger, Senior Associate in Group Treasury at Marquard & Bahls AG and Marten Bleijenberg, Head of Transaction Services Products.

03 June 2020

All in the same boat

A bank can only be successful in the long term if its customers are too. In its market report published in 2019, the Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (industry association promoting sustainable investment) stated that the "total amount of sustainable investments in Germany reached a new high of 219 billion euro". Although up until now instruments such as green bonds have dominated, loans featuring sustainability components also grew dynamically for the first time in 2019. This positive trend needs to be sustained and reinforced over the coming years. Guest article by Marco Schoneveld, Manager Trade Finance Services Corporate Sales and Sustainability Representative

21 March 2020

Sustainable banking will be an advantage

Taking sustainability criteria into account will play an important role in risk monitoring in banking in the future. By introducing appropriate regulations, credit institutions can enhance their own profile, develop their own brand and gain a foothold in the future market of sustainable financing solutions. Guest article by Marco Schoneveld, Manager Trade Finance Services Corporate Sales and Sustainability Representative

20 March 2020

On demand

Many customers no longer want to buy products outright and instead prefer to use the pay-per-use model. This has changed the way in which companies manage their accounting and payment processes. Guest article by Yilmaz Aydin, Vice President Transaction Service Sales, and Frank Segers, Sales Lead for FINN - Banking of Things.

Always one step ahead

17 November 2020

"As a bank, we believe that we have a social mission to advance sustainability". In an interview with Wien Live, Roman Ermantraut explains the key concepts of sustainable business and what role banks have to play. Guest article by Dr. Roman Ermantraut, Head of Wholesale Banking ING Austria.

13 December 2019

Automatic payments

In future, payments for bus and train tickets could be completely automated. The "Track and Trace" principle is also an option for other banks. Guest article by Yilmaz Aydin, Vice President Transaction Services Sales.

09 November 2019

Linear economic model has its limitations

The new economic paradigm means reducing, recycling and reusing. The "circular economy" is proving to be a future market for financial services providers. Guest article by Marco Schoneveld, Manager Trade Finance Services Corporate Sales as well as Sustainability Representative.

08 November 2019

The future of sustainability reporting

The sustainability of products and business models is increasingly becoming an integral part of company ratings. This has helped to improve sustainability reporting. Guest article by Stefanie Flora, Vice President International Clients

11 October 2019

Are green financial products suitable for municipal utilities and small and medium-sized enterprises?

The energy revolution demands high levels of investment, both from municipal utilities as local suppliers of energy, and from companies as consumers of energy. The climate targets can only be achieved if everyone is committed to them. Energy needs to be produced in a way that generates little CO2 – consumption needs to be reduced and controlled on a needs-based basis. Investments in projects which reduce CO2 – such as flexible gas-powered power plants instead of coal-fired generation plants, sustainable business premises and energy-efficient production facilities – can help to contribute to a secure future.

20 September 2019

Factoring 2.0

The sale of project-based receivables is still rare in Germany. However, there are many advantages to the approach. Guest article by Sabrina Priester, Director Transaction Services Sales - Trade Solutions

06 September 2019

Sustainability is becoming the new normal

In future, companies’ credit ratings will no longer be measured solely on the basis of numbers: in addition to quantitative financial assessments, increasing focus is being placed on qualitative assessments. Guest article by Marco Schoneveld, Manager Trade Finance Services Corporate Sales and Sustainability Representative.