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Wholesale Banking

Come take a look at our new office

As we announced earlier this year, ING Sofia is now residing at a new address: Mall Bulgaria at 69, Bulgaria Blvd . The project team, led by Vladimir Popov, CAO and Zornitsa Milanova, Head of Procurement&Facilities, did their utmost to create and design an office where our team, clients and partners can feel welcome and work comfortably: modern environment where everyone is free to express themselves. Read about the highlights of our new office environment.

Read about the highlights of our new office environment.


Sustainability lies at the heart of ING’s business strategy and ING is committed to building a more sustainable future through our organisational culture, activities and endeavors.

Our new office interior is no exception. A spacious area with many green elements and essential natural light ensures that we remain close to nature, consider our carbon footprint and employees’ wellbeing at the same time.

When creating our office space, we made sure that we align with ING’s ambitious sustainable goals and work with suppliers who share our vision as well as use and produce recycling products, in the best possible responsible way with minimum CO2 emissions.

Four green columns and many different types of flowers are the main view in our office. These, along with air purifiers, gives the space a modern, green look, and focuses on the health and wellbeing of our staff and visitors.


Every part of our office concept is designed around delivering an experience that resonates with the ING brand values and core beliefs. Our customers and employees are identified by the common state of mind that they share: freedom.

The interior is designed to enable people to be free and reflects that in the best possible way, which is by providing choice. When colleagues arrive at the office in the morning, they may choose from a variety of working options: use a work station with a big monitor to have a better view of tasks that require such; sit in the common zone with comfortable sofas and couches; go to the terraces with a view of the Vitosha mountain or the city; sit in a meeting room of preferred size and type of interior; use the soundproof booth or just sit down at a big table with comfortable chairs, which allows for  team discussions.


Discussing financial topics is sensitive, and as such, sales and advice consultation needs to take place in either a private or semi-private part of the office. Cabins and meeting booths have been designed to make customers and employees feel at ease in these smaller areas. This part of the office offers the privacy required to discuss confidential matters and business.

Our meeting rooms are separated from the common zone with glass walls, but also provide the opportunity to close their space not only with a door, but also with a soundproof curtain, which ensures privacy both when discussing sensitive matters with a client or with co-workers.


A commitment to freedom, a commitment to authenticity and a commitment to consciousness. Our art is about breaking conventions, opening minds and challenging boundaries.

When entering the office, colleagues, clients and partners will see many paintings from contemporary Dutch and Bulgarian artists displayed on the walls in the open space and all of the meeting rooms. Their placement was created intentionally to fit the purpose of the room as well as create a storyline when walking around the whole area.


Based on freedom embedded at the heart of the ING, on 1 May 2022, the Sofia branch launched a hybrid model that combines working from the office and working from home. Our office has been created to facilitate the new approach and ensure a comfortable environment for work based on the nature of the activity – less workstations, more meeting rooms, sound-proof booths, a cozy and comfortable collaboration zone, adjustable desks are just to name a few.

All of the above is facilitated by new tech solutions such as – big screens in all meeting rooms enabling connection and collaboration with remote working colleagues and counterparties, new wireless equipment distributed to all employees to ensure flexibility and smooth maneuvering withing the rooms, etc.

At ING Sofia we remain true to our belief that people should have the freedom to be who they are, do their thing and feel at home, when coming to work. Furthermore, our aim is to empower others to do the same. We look forward to welcoming our clients and partners in person at our new office and doing business in our modern, green and   comfortable working environment.