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Orange blog - Innovation

Blockchain, fintechs or digitalisation – innovations not only change the financial world, but also make business models more efficient and transparent.

The world is changing rapidly, and with it whole sectors and areas of business. As a bank, we want to play an active role in shaping this change and, together with our corporate customers, to continue to think about their business model. No matter what challenges your company faces, we are convinced that we can use innovative ideas and new concepts to overcome those challenges. We are always thinking one step ahead and are very aware of the areas that will help you and your business to grow. 

Our innovative solutions are developed in collaboration with fintechs and third-party providers. Because innovation is best created together.

Municipal interest rate and asset management in an era of digital platforms

08 March 2021

In recent years, rising tax revenues and falling interest rates have boosted the fiscal position of many German municipalities. However, the Covid-19 pandemic threatens to reverse this positive trend. Our study "Municipal interest rate and investment management in times of digital platforms" shows the challenges facing municipalities in relation to interest rate and debt management and the role that digital brokerage platforms will play.

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18 November 2019

In-car payments: when the car pays by itself

Fuel, parking and toll fees are just a few examples of goods and services that our car will be able to pay for automatically in the future. So-called in-car payments make this possible. What does this mean for the automotive industry and, above all, for consumers?

01 March 2020

Banking of things: the future of making payments

Digital payment solutions have been on the rise since the global outbreak of Covid-19. Due to social distancing and hygiene regulations, more and more people are making contactless payments in shops or ordering products online. The so-called "pay-per-use" principle goes one step further: the consumer only pays to use a product rather than buy it outright. What has been possible for a long time when it comes to car sharing is now set to apply to household appliances.

13 August 2019

The future of payments: putting customers first

The payments landscape is undergoing enormous change with new entrants, changing regulations and incredible innovation, writes Evelien Witlox, global head of Product Management, Payments & Cards at ING Wholesale Banking.

12 September 2019

Instant Payments

ING started introducing instant payments from 2019 onwards. As a pan-European bank, ING’s ambition is to offer Instant payments in all countries in which it has a local presence. Here you can find information on what instant payments are, what the advantages are, and when you can initiate or receive them.

09 October 2019

Treasury centralisation: time for the next step

Seen as the ultimate model by treasurers, centralisation is rarely as black and white as it appears. Today, digital advances are making it easier for every treasury function to reap the benefits of centralisation whilst overcoming financial, operational and psychological barriers.

22 March 2021

The ongoing digitalisation of trade finance

As trade finance evolves, it is important to focus on both short-term incremental improvements to processes and longer-term innovations such as blockchain, says Dermot Canavan, head of Trade Finance Services, Product Management at ING Wholesale Banking.