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Wholesale Banking

Christoph Pfeuffer, Chapter Lead Customer Journey Experts WB Services

My role involves projects around services in our corporate customer business. The projects are designed and implemented from the customer's perspective with the aim of providing them with an optimal "customer experience" from start to finish.

What does a perfect start of the day look like for you? 

The perfect day for me starts with taking my son to the daycare (Kita). Then I look forward to the first appointments, which I prefer to start with a coffee.

What does your typical workday look like?

The special thing about my job is that there is no typical work day. Every day is different with new impulses and topics. The lack of a rigid routine is what I find particularly appealing about my work.

Describe your job in 3 words:

Troubleshooter, Empowerment, Impact

How would you describe the work culture at ING?

In general, ING's agile corporate culture is characterized by flat hierarchies. This is not a matter of course, especially for a bank. In addition, the Orange Code is actively lived by all employees worldwide in their daily work. It’s not just empty words: (1) You take things into your own hands and drive them forward. (2) You help others to be successful. (3) You are always one step ahead.


In your view, what's special about working at ING Wholesale Banking? 

In addition to the exciting tasks, it is my colleagues who make working at ING special. We have a strong sense of togetherness in our team. That makes it easier to tackle difficult issues and overcome challenges together.

Is there an area that is of particular interest to you or one where you would like to  gain further expertise?

Generally I have a wide range of interests, which is why I like my current job so much. In my job, I'm confronted with new, unfamiliar issues every day. I think it's important to keep an open mind and venture into "uncharted waters". ING supports the personal and professional development of its employees with various programs so that everyone can find their own career path.

What keeps you motivated in your work?

What motivates me most is the collaboration with my colleagues and working together towards a common goal. Since the projects are often very different in terms of subject matter, my project teams also change regularly. This is very enriching in my daily work and opens new perspectives.

Beside your job, what are your other passions in life?

Before the corona pandemic, I used to go to travel abroad with friends once a year to watch a soccer game. This allowed me to combine my passion for the sport with discovering new places and new stadiums, such as Glasgow, London or Madrid. The atmosphere was always special, so that I’m very happy that I could finally to take it up again.