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Wholesale Banking

Sustainable finance for the real world

There’s no way around it. Sustainability is an extremely urgent and universal concern. We can no longer put off our efforts to fight the climate crisis. The time to act is now.   

For businesses, the challenge of sustainable transformation is balancing the need to keep business in motion while making changes to reach your sustainability ambitions. It's complex, absolutely. We get that. We understand the tough realities of your sector. That becoming sustainable doesn't happen overnight. That it takes many smaller steps, sometimes challenging and some into the unknown, to really take sustainability to the next level and beyond. 

We are committed to building for a more sustainable future – together with our clients. We can help you with advice, financial solutions, research and valuable insights.  So you can do your thing... sustainably.

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Get the insights to support your sustainability journey

How to finance a sustainable world

How to finance a sustainable world

Balancing day-to-day challenges with long-term goals means transformation can be slow and frustrating. Financial institutions must adapt and evolve to provide the right support to help make it happen.


The time is right to invest in green sources of energy

Electricity demand is expected to increase dramatically between now and 2050. We need all the technology we can get to meet demand in a sustainable way.


Boost or bust: Are price shocks stalling the energy transition?

The higher power prices we have seen recently are good news for Europe’s existing wind and solar projects. But the way we frame the price rises could make all the difference to how consumers see the energy transition – and to investment in its progress.


Sensor ships: why smart containers are the future of shipping

The transportation of cargo around the world is routine business for the shipping industry, but delivering about 11 billion tons of goods a year is a process that is fraught with risk.


Telecoms races to connect the world sustainably

This vital sector needs to expand to meet the growing demand for data and connectivity. Can it do that without adding to greenhouse gas emissions and widening the digital divide?


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Get the insights to support your sustainability journey.

Meet the changemakers advocating sustainable change

Smurfit Kappa stays the course with anti-waste agenda

Smurfit Kappa is dealing with increased demand for its products while also steering the business towards net-zero by 2050. Chief sustainability officer and assistant group treasurer discuss the changing demands on the industry, the push to embed sustainable finance, and how the company is helping its clients reach their net-zero goals.

Leyla Acaroglu: a sustainability provocateur disrupts sustainability

Leyla Acaroglu considers the ways systems, sustainability and design can come together to solve Earth’s biggest problems. Through her UnSchool of Disruptive Design, this award-winning designer challenges the way we think about the global economy, consumption and recycling. Here, she tells us why companies are afraid to take action.

Enpal: a rooftop revolution

Many homeowners in the US lease solar systems for their rooftops , and the trend is now catching on in Germany. At the heart of this shift is German photovoltaics (PV) leasing company Enpal. How exactly is this four-year-old start-up disrupting the green energy market and making homes smarter?

Christian Rood: creating the battery of the future

LeydenJar Technologies is a Dutch start-up on a mission to make lithium-ion batteries last longer. Batteries are playing an important role in the transition to a clean energy future, and with higher energy density they will further unlock growth for a range of industries.

Constantin Damov: a market maker in the circular economy

Twenty years ago, Constantin Damov co-founded recycling company Green Group. His grandfather’s work and pollution in the Black Sea inspired him to make a change. Since then Damov’s company has become a market maker for recycling and re-use in the region.

Explore all changemaker stories

Meet the changemakers advocating sustainable change.

Our podcast series on sustainable progress

Whether it’s green loans, social bonds or sustainability-linked loans, the pandemic has accelerated the movement toward sustainable finance among companies. As they make their recovery plans, it’s time to ask: How can they achieve their ambitions and deliver sustainability for the real world? In this podcast series we discuss the most urgent topics on business transformation towards sustainability.

ING sustainability milestones




As a changemaker, you believe your business can and should have a positive impact on the world. We share this belief with you. You need a partner that understands your ambition and shares your forward thinking mentality. A partner that challenges you to go beyond the obvious.

Financing change in the world

As a bank we have been known for our innovative power and the initiatives we support to create even faster benefits for technological progress. Recognised as one of Forbes magazine’s most innovative companies, ING has a variety of ways of turning great ideas into products and services that clients really need.

Innovation at ING

Please note that ING Bank does not have a banking license in the US and is therefore not permitted to conduct banking activities in the US. Through its wholly owned subsidiary ING Financial Holdings Corporation and its affiliates, ING offers a full array of wholesale financial products such as lending, corporate finance and a full range of financial markets products and services to its corporate and institutional clients.-->{C}