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Wholesale Banking

Sustainable finance for the real world

There’s no way around it. Sustainability is an extremely urgent and universal concern. We can no longer put off our efforts to fight the climate crisis. The time to act is now.   

For businesses, the challenge of sustainable transformation is balancing the need to keep business in motion while making changes to reach your sustainability ambitions. It's complex, absolutely. We get that. We understand the tough realities of your sector. That becoming sustainable doesn't happen overnight. That it takes many smaller steps, sometimes challenging and some into the unknown, to really take sustainability to the next level and beyond. 

We are committed to building for a more sustainable future – together with our clients. We can help you with advice, financial solutions, research and valuable insights. 

So you can do your thing... sustainably.

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Get the insights to support your sustainability journey

The horizon challenge: accelerating the shift to a green economy

The horizon challenge: accelerating the shift to a green economy

While the Covid-19 pandemic put the brakes on global economic growth, initiating financial and social crises that added to the grave dangers to public health, the slowdown brought the environment into sharp focus. Now, leaders planning a recovery must factor in the sustainability credentials of their strategies to accelerate the shift to a greener future.

Financing the sustainable transition

The sustainable finance blueprint: financing the transition

Transition to a more sustainable future needs financing solutions that support both climate and society-linked goals. For investors, tools that enable them to assess companies on their sustainability credentials are crucial to their decision-making. And for companies, getting access to the right sustainable finance solutions helps them to meet their targets.

Building a sustainable economy together

Pioneering the future: building a sustainable economy together

The future will only be prosperous if businesses put sustainability at their core. That means embracing different operating models and emerging technologies, and financing new growth sustainably. Doing this alone is tough, which is why companies trying to win over banks must work with them collaboratively and strategically.

Sustainable finance can bridge Covid cuts

Sustainable finance can bridge Covid cuts

The pandemic and related economic downturn have left many companies strapped for cash. But many are also optimistic and believe they can tap into sustainable finance and continue to pursue their sustainability ambitions.

Code red: climate action must be on the corporate agenda

Code red: climate action must be on the corporate agenda

Climate change is still too abstract for many companies. They still don't have a comprehensive approach to making progress on raising environmental standards. This must change, and the benefits of sustainable finance might just give the right incentives.

Meet the changemakers advocating sustainable change

Ezgi Barcenas: “When our communities thrive, we thrive”

As the world’s largest brewer, AB InBev is leveraging its global reach while sharpening its local agility to tackle sustainability challenges. Chief Sustainability Officer Ezgi Barcenas explains how multinationals and their local suppliers working together can bring future goals closer to the present.

Rolling out of fibre to the home goes a long way to tackling climate change

Jens Müller: without staying power, it's hard to be a real changemaker

Deutsche Glasfaser has set itself the mission of delivering sustainable, thriving communities in Germany’s rural areas. According to CFO Jens Müller, accelerating the roll-out of fibre to the home (FTTH) not only generates digital opportunities for underserved areas of the population, but also goes a long way to tackling climate change.

E-bike to go: the subscription service riding the sustainability wave

E-bike to go: the subscription service riding the sustainability wave

An electric bike subscription service from the Netherlands is bringing sustainable transport to both B2B and B2C customers. With its modern, robust fleet, E-bike to go is advancing sustainability one bike at a time.

Plastics recycling can’t keep up with the sudden increase in demand

Jan Willem Wieringa: plastics recycling can’t keep up with the sudden increase in demand

Jan Willem Wieringa is a veteran of the plastics and packaging industry. He tells us about the challenges of working in an energy-intensive business, and how Desch and the wider industry have already come a long way with recycling and energy efficient technology.

Green Group: what lived once will live again

Green Group: what lived once will live again

As EU policy calls for greater and faster progress on the creation of a circular economy, European recycler Green Group is hailing a “golden age for recycling”. Here, the company’s co-founder and chairman tells us why that is – and how Green Group is turning PET packaging into new, recycled products, with a reduced CO2 footprint.

Our podcast series on sustainable progress

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As a changemaker, you believe your business can and should have a positive impact on the world. We share this belief with you. You need a partner that understands your ambition and shares your forward thinking mentality. A partner that challenges you to go beyond the obvious.

Financing change in the world

As a bank we have been known for our innovative power and the initiatives we support to create even faster benefits for technological progress. Recognised as one of Forbes magazine’s most innovative companies, ING has a variety of ways of turning great ideas into products and services that clients really need.

Innovation at ING

Please note that ING Bank does not have a banking license in the US and is therefore not permitted to conduct banking activities in the US. Through its wholly owned subsidiary ING Financial Holdings Corporation and its affiliates, ING offers a full array of wholesale financial products such as lending, corporate finance and a full range of financial markets products and services to its corporate and institutional clients.