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How is the sustainable finance market currently performing?

“What 2024 will bring is not easy to predict, remember that the outlook at the start of 2023 was for the Sustainable Finance markets to return to growth, instead we observed a second year of decline in volumes. Longer term the fundamentals however remain strong for a growth case for sustainable finance”, says Jacomijn Vels, our Global Head of Sustainable Finance.

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See through the illusion of deepfake

Deepfakes have emerged as a formidable weapon, exploiting our trust in familiar faces and voices. That is why deepfake is ideal to be used in a CxO fraud, adding an extra layer to the illusion, and making it even more believable.

ING InsideBusiness to phase out I-Dentity Card and Reader

If you are an ING I-Dentity Card user, you can already switch to mToken. If you prefer a physical login device, you can request the ING Scanner as an alternative method.

AI productivity gains may be smaller than you’re expecting

Much is made of Artificial Intelligence’s potential to transform labour markets and make productivity gains. But at a macro level, we think those AI productivity gains, while significant, may not be quite so spectacular.