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Wholesale Banking

Trakk verification

ING aims to build a digital and secure trade finance network by introducing ‘trakk ’, a new document verification tool powered by Komgo

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01/ Verify trakk documents

Received a trakk document? Simply drag and drop it to verify its origin and authenticity.

02/ View the audit trail

Verification displays the activities, data, and status of a document. Always up-to-date and visible in real-time.

03/ Build trust

Action on document is linked to a verified organisation on the Komgo network. Only authorised user can register documents and add activities.

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Who can register a trakk document?

Komgo members (paid account) can register documents using their digital identity as certified by Komgo. Guest users (free account) can verify documents received via website or MS Outlook plugin.

How can I add an activity to a document?

Komgo members (paid account) can add activities to a document using their digital identity as certified by Komgo. Guest users (free account) can view the audit trail, but cannot add an activity.

What does the audit trail mean?

Knowing the status of actions taken on a document is often more valuable than the document itself. Once a document is registered on trakk, banks, traders, inspection companies,and other industry stakeholders can add the activity they have performed with it (financed by ING, for example). This creates a digital audit trail on a document, which strongly mitigates the risk of it being reused for fraudulent purposes.

What if Ive received a negative verification?

If a document is authentic, you will receive a positive confirmation and relevant details, including who has registered the document at what time and the audit trail.

If you received a negative verification, there are two possible reasons for this:

       1. The document is not registered on trakk.

       2. The document has been tampered.

 For more information? Please send an email to

Verify your documents