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Wholesale Banking

Payments and Cash management

Payments and Cash Management is a part of Transaction Services, which helps companies plan their cashflow, optimise their working capital management and control financial indicators by using specially designed banking products and solutions. ING Bank Ukraine offers flexible, innovative and effective instruments for liquidity, trade and payment management to corporates.

In Ukraine Transaction Services range of products consists of the following business lines:

  • Payments and Cash Management Sales 
  • Trade Finance Services

Payments and Cash Management

ING Bank Ukraine as an intergral part of ING International financial group offers standard and specially designed products and services which correspond with the international and local Payments and Cash Management needs of its clients. The Bank offers global instruments of account management in Ukraine and abroad for multinational corporations with an extensive network of divisions as well. ING Bank Ukraine is a direct member of NBU Electronic Payment System.

Range of products:

  • Current accounts for residents and non-residents in local and foreign currency
  • Domestic (standard & recurring) and cross border payments
  • SWIFT MT940/942/950 reporting
  • Internet Based electronic banking system – InsideBusiness Payments CEE (global service channel)
  • Servicing of non-resident loans
  • Notional Pooling in local currency (interest enhancement)
  • Sweeping in local currency within group of accounts of one legal entity
  • Cash desk service for legal entities
  • SWIFTNet – international channel for payment and account reporting management within ING Group

Contract documentation and other information for clients:


Viktoriia Vitiuk, Senior Transaction Services Sales Expert
T +380 44 230 02 87,  E

Yevhen Zakramenskyi, Senior Transaction Services Sales Expert
T +380 44 230 02 77,  E