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Wholesale Banking

Infrastructure finance is the funding of assets, equipment, services, and facilities which provide essential needs for society and are vital for any economy to thrive. ING serves a variety of clients including utilities, construction companies, specialist operators, and funds. We support infrastructure funds and investor developers and other parties seeking to build, own and/or operate infrastructure assets globally.

Red electric car charged in front of garbage containersOur team covers the full spectrum of infrastructure activity, from Greenfield project financing to acquisitions, refinancings, whole business securitisation, restructuring, and advisory work. As part of ING’s sustainability agenda, we target projects aimed at tackling environmental problems and delivering tangible long-term social value. All our projects undergo rigorous assessments for their environmental and social impacts. We have financed transactions in:

  • Transportation and related services (roads, ferries, rail infrastructure, public transport, ports, airports)
  • Energy and utilities subject to economic regulation or concessions (electricity and gas networks / distribution, waste, water and wastewater)
  • Communications (public-private partnership satellites, broadcasting towers)
  • Social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, housing, university accommodation).

Our teams in London, New York, Sydney, Madrid, and Brussels have a long track record and experience across a range of infrastructure, and with a portfolio of assets in over 20 countries defined under three broad headings:

  • Slow Infrastructure: the financing of assets defined by stable longstanding regulatory or concession frameworks, and include the financing of government infrastructure and utilities infrastructure.
  • Fast infrastructure: the financing of infrastructure assets in support of evolving equity investor strategies, and include acquisitions, staple financings and refinancings.
  • Fund financing: the provision of permanent or temporary leverage supported by cashflow analysis on a diversified pool of underlying infrastructure assets.