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Wholesale Banking

Commodities, Food & Agri is a global team, consisting of more than 250 professionals dedicated to providing financial solutions to clients involved in the trading of physical commodities (energy, metals and minerals, and agriculture), as well as the producers and processors of metals and minerals, and food and agricultural products.

Sustainable value

The foundation of our strategy is built on creating sustainable value for the commodity supply chain. We achieve this through our collaborative mindset in which we work across sub-sectors, clusters and networks and go beyond lending. We connect all expertise within our network, and by being the thought leader, we bring the key actors in the commodity value chain together. We also leverage leading positions to bring cross-over solutions in the value chain. We aim to empower clients through our combined sector-based expertise, knowledge from the subsectors, and collaborating with other Wholesale Banking departments. 

Our three subsectors are:

  • Food, Beverages & Agri Business
  • Metals, Mining & Fertilizers
  • Trade & Commodity Finance

Food, Beverages & Agri

Our team represents one of ING’s growth initiatives. We are a team of professionals with in-depth expertise in the food and agriculture segments, such as grains, vegetable oils, sugar, dairy and proteins, and we service the primary producers, processors in these segments across Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific.

Our teams originate, structure and distribute senior debt financing for investment grade and non-investment grade companies operating across the spectrum of agriculture and food-related products including meat producers, agricultural coops, wine and spirits, bio-fuels, crop production, food distribution businesses, and more. 

We collaborate closely with other teams, and we aim to deliver to our clients with integrated solutions for their financing needs.

Metals, Mining & Fertilizers

The Metals & Mining subsector services the clients who operate mines, smelter and refining facilities and produce tradable and (relatively) liquid commodities. Our primary responsibility is to coordinate and align the overall sector strategy. 

Our team covers four major areas of responsibility:

  • coverage of existing and new clients in scope, whereby we ensure that the relevant product teams and expertise elsewhere within ING is delivered to the client
  • maintain the strategic dialogue with our clients and prospects on balance sheet composition and merger and acquisition opportunities
  • originate and execute lending products for existing and new clients
  • deliver products within our existing risk appetite.

Trade & Commodity Finance

We are focused on providing commodity trading clients with tailored financial solutions to facilitate the exchange of physical commodities across the global markets. We are a global top-three player in the commodity finance industry and we finance global flows of physical commodities.

Structured Commodity Finance

Structured Commodity Finance offers financing solutions to commodities corporates active in the natural resources sectors with a geographic focus on emerging market countries. Financing structures are generally based on a flow of commodities with related cash flow generated by existing production capacity. It typically enables our commodity trading clients to secure their supplies, while supporting their suppliers (our commodity producing/ processing clients) with working capital financing, and also financing for their investments, capital expenditure and acquisitions.