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Wholesale Banking

ING Wholesale Banking in Turkey

ING has had a successful history of almost 30 years in Turkey, and currently we operate with a country-wide presence including 207 branches and 3,656 employees. We provide full-fledged banking products and services, such as retail, small and medium-sized enterprises, mid-corporate and wholesale banking. We are also active in leasing, factoring and brokerage services through our subsidiaries. With over the three decades of operations, we have built a solid position in the Turkish wholesale banking market.

Our presence in Turkey

  • Strong client relationship, leading to proactive management of their financial needs.
  • Diversified product range.
  • Combining diversified local product offering capacity and country-wide coverage with ING global sector, product expertise, and international network.

We serve the largest Turkish corporates, multinationals operating in Turkey and financial institutions with a diversified product offering including lending, structured finance, financial markets, trade finance, payment solutions, factoring, and leasing. We have the strength of solid client relationships, a diversified product offering capacity, country-wide network coverage, and we successfully combine our strengths with ING's globally strong sector expertise and cross-border network.


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Solid client relationships 

ING’s focus is on building long-term, sustainable relationships by providing clients -whether they are large corporations, multinationals or financial institutions- with solid advice and delivering sound integrated financial solutions. As a trusted banking partner, we have kept a presence in Turkey since 1991 by providing global solutions that our clients need to move their businesses forward.  

Establishing long-standing, multi-product relationships with our clients, exhibiting strong credit profile with a proven track record is at the heart of our client relationship vision. We offer financial markets, lending and structured finance products together with payment services and trade finance solutions for our clients. Globally we also provide Turkish clients with advisory services on debt capital markets and sustainability while enabling access to our global network and expertise.

Product expertise


We have a local lending team with diversified skill sets and solid experience, track record in corporate lending as well as structured, project financing. Our solid capitalisation (as one of Turkey's strongest banks in terms of capital adequacy ratio) and local balance sheet available both in Turkish Lira and foreign currencies are an important plus for lending. Furthermore, we create significant contribution to global wholesale banking through high value-added, structured lending products like Structured Export Finance/Export Credit Agency facilities, securitisation in the form of covered loan, diversified payment rights, and outbound lending under Guaranteed Cross Border Lending structures both in corporate and financial institutions segments.

We distinguish ourselves by having the advantages of access to ING's global sector expertise and being capable of offering lending solutions to multinational clients in Turkey and Turkish clients outside Turkey.

Financial markets

Our local financial markets team is a continuation of the global team, offering bespoke hedging solutions for clients in all asset classes who aim to control their financial risks through derivatives. Our financial markets team works together with local and global research teams in order to bring expert analysis from all around the globe to our clients. Financial markets products are offered to clients through our local internet banking solution and the mobile app with special focus on foreign exchange products. 

Transaction services

Our client-focused and dedicated Transaction Services sales teams, product consultancy approach as a solution partner in payments, collections, liquidity management, and trade finance including supply chain finance enable meeting clients’ needs. Our strong knowledge base in products and deep relationships with clients enable being highly involved in end-to-end processes of executing transactions. Our global network and association facilitate offering resilient solutions as well as responding to the various trade finance needs of clients.

Our direction on digitalisation

Digitalisation is one of the most important of our drivers, leading to extensive and systematic investments in operational innovations, efficiency and service delivery processes. We aim for offering innovative solutions to our clients that will enable them to deliver accurate information from every channel while making efficient financial decisions.

Priority is customer satisfaction

Clients’ needs and feedback are our priority. We aim for improving customer satisfaction. Our roadmap focuses on improvement of internal processes by operational process redesigns and new tools that enhance processes, improved service support functions, and increasing products/capabilities in e-banking and other channels to simplify our clients’ banking experience.

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