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Wholesale Banking

ING Wholesale Banking in Luxembourg

ING Luxembourg offers a diverse range of financial services that connect investors and markets around the world. Luxembourg is well-known for its political, legal and social stability and enjoys an ideal location in the heart of Europe. The combination of a highly skilled international workforce and the accessibility of governmental authorities has made Luxembourg an excellent location for foreign investment. Luxembourg is the 2nd largest global investment fund centre and, with the support of 128 international banks, has succeeded in creating a unique ecosystem for the financial industry.

Our presence in Luxembourg

  • Fully integrated bank: retail, private and wholesale banking
  • Wealth management and corporate banking in the world’s 2nd largest global investment fund centre
  • Lending, financial markets and other key financial products

Thanks to our network of branches, capabilities in wealth management and our solid corporate banking franchise, ING Luxembourg, as fully integrated bank, offers a broad range of services to retail, private and wholesale banking clients. We look forward to being your partner in lending, financial markets and other key financial products.


Global Finance

Outstanding Leadership in Sustainable Project Finance in Western Europe



Treasury Management International

Best Bank for Trade & FSCM in Europe


Luxembourg’s sector expertise

Financial sponsor

ING has a dedicated team for this specific business community and is extremely active in Luxembourg. We offer transaction solutions, custody services and lending solutions.

Fund industry

ING Luxembourg is an AIFMD compliant depositary bank and offers a tailor-made approach for third-party fund managers (mainly on alternative investments such as private equity and real estate).

Real estate

Our team of real estate experts helps our clients in the financing of their real estate investments.

Our clients include regulated real estate funds, construction companies and developers with a proven track record. Our lending products include investment financing, construction finance and issuing guarantees for residential, mixed projects, as well as offices and retail.


We build long-term partnerships with FTSE 100 corporates that are looking for a bank that combines creative ideas and solutions with seamless execution. Together with our product specialists, we propose local and international solutions for cash management, investment financing and some financial market solutions.

Luxembourg’s product expertise

Financial markets

We propose solutions to companies so that they can hedge their FX or interest rate risks, or seek investment opportunities.

Transaction services

We provide easy solution for payment, adapted digital tools, collection solutions and account reporting services.

Custodian services

We propose solutions for life insurance companies and for the fund industry on corporate actions, safe keeping of assets, reporting and control of transactions.

Lending services

We provide various financing products such as corporate lending for companies active in Luxembourg, capital call financing for funds, and working capital solutions to our corporate clients.

Client services

A fully dedicated team is responsible for managing client accounts, executing client transactions and assisting them in order to guarantee a very high level of service.

Our values and culture

Creating a distinguished experience for our clients starts with ING’s culture: entrepreneurial, open, collaborative, innovative and energetic. Who we are and how we work is defined by our Orange Code. It is our manifesto describing the behaviours that define us and what it means to be part of ING. Our values are the non-negotiable promise we make to ourselves and our partners: we are honest, we are prudent and we are responsible

Our sustainablity direction

Sustainable businesses are better businesses and promote forward thinking companies that drive change. We benefit from local expertise on green financing within ING Wholesale Banking Luxembourg and it is a key element of our strategy for the future. In the area of asset management, our fund “ING Aria sustainable bonds” was awarded two “green labels” in 2019. Since it is directly invested in a selection of green, social and sustainable bonds from the best issuers in terms of ESG practices, it was awarded the "Towards Sustainability" label, as well as the Luxflag label.