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Wholesale Banking

Introducing the sustainability linked loan

The path towards sustainability is a journey. It’s not about achieving perfection, but about making steps in the right direction. We believe these positive actions should be rewarded, as sustainability isn’t just good for society, it’s good business.

Two workers repairing solar panels with windmills in the background

Accelerate your sustainability goals

  • Align sustainability goals with corporate strategy and financial performance
  • Benefit from reduced interest margins when sustainability objectives are met
  • Diversification of financing sources for widening of investor base
  • Compelling communication opportunity for investors, customers and other stakeholders

How it works

  • Financing general corporate purposes whether new or existing corporate facilities
  • Link margin-grid to external ratings (Sustainalytics, EcoVadis, Viegeo Eiris); or
  • Tie pricing to tailor-made, relevant KPI’s on sustainable performance
  • The ESG performance can result in a discount or premium to the loan pricing
  • Framework is verifiable, transparent and measurable

Is the sustainability improvement loan only available to companies with a focus on sustainability?

No, this product can benefit every company that would like to improve their sustainable performance as long as transparent objectives are set with board level commitment.

What type of metrics are used to assess sustainable performance?

Third-party ratings agencies look at your ESG performance in relation to industry peers. Tailored KPIs are formulated based on relevant metrics that you already measure such as GHG emissions, amount of water used, % of waste recycled and that are typically found in your company’s CSR report.

What is the pricing impact?

Improvement or deterioration of performance results in a discount/premium to the applicable margin, typically in the range of 5-10%.

How is this documented?

The KPIs are added in an annex or amendment to your loan documentation with a grid stipulating the base line metrics and the future objectives. With performance verification undertaken by your auditor or a third party.

What does the sustainability coordinator role entail?

ING will assist you in defining KPIs and/or liaising with the external rating agency to set up the initial framework. The annual verification can be managed by the admin agent.

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