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Wholesale Banking

Blockchain technology

The Blockchain program at ING aims to empower our customers to transition to a distributed economy. We lead research, exploration and development initiatives, both internally and with the broader ecosystem, to provide efficiencies and transform business models.

Distributed ledger technology and blockchain: what are they?

There is a lot of buzz about distributed ledger technology and blockchain: what is the difference between them? How do they work? What are their benefits? This animation video explains it.

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Learn what Blockchain means to us

Our influence in the distributed ledger technology ecosystem

We participate in various industry events sharing our point of view on distributed ledger solutions. ING is recognized as one of the leading companies embracing the adoption of this technology.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise

Our research team is in charge of creating assets reflecting on the opportunities and challenges of distributed ledger technology. We contribute and cooperate with the wider subject expert communities.

Digital Assets Explained

The digital asset evolution is moving fast and so is the terminology. In this short video, we explain the two categories of digital assets and the concept of tokenization. We also cover five key advantages we have identified with their usage.

Lessons learned from Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

The release of this paper assists ING to quickly learn about new behaviors of consumers, market expectations and trends. ING has been observing the digital asset ecosystem closely and learning from its ideas and innovation.

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02 March 2021

The conundrum of resourcing DLT nodes: Nine considerations in practice

The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Program at ING introduces nine considerations, based on interviews with experts, regarding the resourcing of DLT nodes. This non-exhaustive list of considerations can be used by any DLT project that is moving from a pilot phase to a production environment.

11 December 2020

ING releases Multiparty Threshold Signing library to improve customer security

The Distributed Ledger Technology team at ING has released an open-source library which implements a multiparty threshold signing schema where a private key is shared among multiple parties.

24 August 2020

The future of digital assets: trends, challenges, and opportunities

There is an increasing global interest in digital assets by governments, regulators, and corporate institutions. This interest seems to be driven by both the challenges and opportunities of digital assets.

24 August 2020

ING executes first commodity trade transaction on Komgo

ING has successfully executed its first commodity transaction on Komgo, the blockchain-based platform that transmits commodity transactions in a secure environment. The oil trade deal was executed by the Commodity Trade Finance branch in Geneva with a Letter of Credit issued on behalf of Mercuria Energy Trading S.A.

04 June 2019

ING joining blockchain-based trade-settlement platform

ING has joined forces with other global banks to create a digital coin that can be used to settle international money transfers instantly, cutting out intermediaries and lowering transaction costs.

07 February 2019

ING releases new blockchain breakthrough: bulletproofs

ING’s blockchain team has announced its newest cryptographic blockchain development: bulletproofs. The code is an extension to previous releases that aimed to improve data privacy within distributed ledgers: zero-knowledge range proof (ZKRP) and zero-knowledge set membership (ZKSM).