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Wholesale Banking

Global cash pooling solutions

Concentrate and manage your company’s available cash and borrowing needs in one place.

You can manage your working capital by centralising all credit and debit balances of the subsidiaries anywhere, anytime. With an increasingly complex regulatory environment and changing liquidity demands, you need a global liquidity tool that is simple, flexible, and effective. Our global cash pooling solutions are offered by our global liquidity management specialist Bank Mendes Gans (BMG).

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Anywhere, anytime


Eliminate FX swaps

Centralise global cash without creating short-term intercompany loans

 Keep your local banking infrastructure

Minimise funding costs, maximise interest return

Consolidate your cash position
Cash excesses and funding needs of the group are automatically centralised to enable full offset and full interest compensation in more than 30 different currencies and over 100 countries. Cash can be centralised in accounts in the name of multiple entities to avoid inter-company loans.

Reduce FX and complexity
Currency balances are notionally translated into a single currency, allowing you to manage your pool position to zero with just one transaction.

Improve interest earnings
Easily bridge liquidity gaps between regions, currencies and banks without having to borrow from local banks or leave cash idle.

Insight into your global cash positions

Strategic FX management
Using the pool to replace short-term loans eliminates cumbersome FX forward contracts because a notional multi-currency pool creates natural accounting hedges in the applicable currencies. Moreover, eliminating cross-guarantees helps corporates reduce tax complexities at a global level.

Top-down control
Central treasuries obtain control and visibility to manage their global cash positions quickly while protecting against counterparty risk.

Global approach
Our cash pool connects all bank accounts across all regions, which is a key objective of most treasurers. Cash can either be pulled out of bank accounts or pushed down when entities need funding. By working with targets and triggers, local cash needs can automatically be maintained at minimum levels at all times.

Next-level cash management

Online administration, seamless integration
The pool is supported by an extensive online application suite, including the entire account administration. And it fully integrates into treasury workstations, ERP systems and other proprietary systems.

No need to change local bank accounts
Keep using preferred banks for transaction services while separating in-country banking relationships from the operation of the pool.

Outsourced in-house bank
To adequately support cash pooling we provide a full-fledged banking platform that many of our clients also use for netting, global reporting and many other banking tasks.

Why partner with us

Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. So whatever your financial needs, whether you are looking to expand and want strategic advice, or just want to make your day-to-day banking more efficient, we are here to support your business ambitions.

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