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Wholesale Banking

Insights: sustainable transformation

3 most urgent jobs for sustainable transition according to business leaders

The clock is ticking to get on the pathway to net zero, and the jobs to be done are challenging. They are varied and complex, and every part of society – governments, companies, shareholders and individuals – has to get/be involved. So, what to prioritise?

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Other articles on sustainable transformation

Designing a fair transition for all

It’s encouraging to see companies taking steps to implement and accelerate decarbonisation. But it’s important to remember that no transformation can be truly sustainable unless it accounts for the social impact of the change it brings.

Why waste it?

Global use of extracted materials has reached 100 billion tonnes a year – and over 90% is wasted. That’s a tragedy – but it’s also an opportunity.

Everyone’s business: How to turn passion for sustainability into action

Many employees have a passion for sustainability and a strong desire to incorporate it in their professional lives. But sustainability is a big a job and it can sometimes be difficult to turn passion into action.

Should we put a price on nature?

We need to measure our impact on the natural environment in our custody, but businesses are grappling with the complexity involved.

The horizon challenge: accelerating the shift to a green economy

Merging future ambitions with short-term action is crucial to meeting sustainability targets and building for a greener future.

How consumers are thinking differently about food

Consumers are discovering their influence and buying power around our most basic need of all – food.

‘Long-term vision is the answer to a sustainable future’

Climate change is the greatest challenge of this century. But society risks failing to address it if it continues to pass responsibility to future generations by only focusing on short-term issues.

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How banks and businesses can be partners in sustainability

Banks must have more strategic dialogue with their clients to help them identify investments and divestments to safeguard their resilience in the future economy.

Motivated businesses and sustainable finance tools are key to driving a green economy

Increasing numbers of companies are pledging to make their sustainability efforts transparent and forward-facing, but sustaining and advancing this level of commitment is just as crucial.

Edging closer to green hydrogen

Hydrogen is fast gaining momentum as a key player in the green energy transition. But why is it key to decarbonisation and how can it be rolled out faster?

Supply chain adversity unlocks new solutions for sustainability

The war in Ukraine, Covid-19 pandemic, and ongoing extreme weather events continue to expose the vulnerability of global supply chains. Many companies are turning to digital solutions to boost resilience and sustainability.

Compelling reasons to embrace sustainability

Sustainability is a key concern for today’s corporate world. It is not just a buzzword – there are sound business reasons for companies to take environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues seriously.

Are you a dismissive bottom liner or a sustainability pioneer?

ING study finds companies are in different stages of their sustainability journey as they grapple with complexity, cost and lack of knowledge as well as more immediate business challenges.