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Insights: sustainable transformation

‘Long-term vision is the answer to a sustainable future’

Climate change is the greatest challenge of this century. But society risks failing to address it if it continues to pass responsibility to future generations by only focusing on short-term issues. We ask Roland Mees, director of sustainable finance at ING, how we can expand our horizons.

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How banks and businesses can be partners in sustainability

Banks must have more strategic dialogue with their clients to help them identify investments and divestments to safeguard their resilience in the future economy.

Supply chain adversity unlocks new solutions for sustainability

The war in Ukraine, Covid-19 pandemic, and ongoing extreme weather events continue to expose the vulnerability of global supply chains. Many companies are turning to digital solutions to boost resilience and sustainability

Are you a dismissive bottom liner or a sustainability pioneer?

ING study finds companies are in different stages of their sustainability journey as they grapple with complexity, cost and lack of knowledge as well as more immediate business challenges.

Compelling reasons to embrace sustainability

Sustainability is a key concern for today’s corporate world. It is not just a buzzword – there are sound business reasons for companies to take environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues seriously.

How to ease the pressure on supply chains

The Covid-19 pandemic, a series of extreme weather events in recent years, and now the war in Ukraine have revealed the weaknesses of global supply chains. But this in turn is creating an opportunity for companies to build resilience to future shocks.

Smart containers key to improved supply chains

Digital technology can be a game-changer in shipping of the future, helping to create a more sustainable and efficient industry.

Edging closer to green hydrogen

Hydrogen is fast gaining momentum as a key player in the green energy transition. But why is it key to decarbonisation and how can it be rolled out faster?

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How to finance a sustainable world

Balancing day-to-day challenges with long-term goals means transformation can be slow and frustrating. Financial institutions must adapt and evolve to provide the right support to help make it happen.

Pioneering the future: building a sustainable economy together

The future will only be prosperous if businesses put sustainability at their core. That means embracing different operating models and emerging technologies, and financing new growth sustainably. Doing this alone is tough, which is why companies trying to win over banks must work with them collaboratively and strategically.

Code red: climate action must be on the corporate agenda

Climate change is still too abstract for many companies. They still don't have a comprehensive approach to making progress on raising environmental standards. This must change, and the benefits of sustainable finance might just give the right incentives.

Sustainable finance can bridge Covid cuts

The pandemic and related economic downturn have left many companies strapped for cash. But many are also optimistic and believe they can tap into sustainable finance and continue to pursue their sustainability ambitions.

Rethinking sustainability in the post-pandemic landscape

With many businesses struggling to stay afloat through the Covid-19 pandemic, what has happened to their sustainability ambitions? Rather than taking a backseat, an ING survey of corporate and investment leaders found that companies have actually accelerated their green transformation plans, and investors are demanding harder environmental targets.

Smurfit Kappa sustainability chief: time to raise climate ambition and put an end to greenwashing

Steven Stoffer, Group VP Development and Chief Sustainability Officer at Smurfit Kappa, has led the packaging company’s sustainability initiatives since 2008. Here, he explains why the days of greenwashing are numbered and how his company will deliver on more ambitious climate targets.