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Wholesale Banking

How we innovate by embracing failure with the Sword of enlightenment

As human beings, we fear failure. We’ve been brought up at home and taught at school that success is always the intended outcome. But this focus on success is self-contradictory; if we always had reached the intended outcome, we would have hardly learned anything new and would have never become the interesting human beings we are today.

Sword of enlightenment

It’s a shame that failure has a bad name. When experiments are at the core of innovation, we shouldn’t be afraid to fail, we should be afraid of not trying. This article is about how we try to embrace failure in order to learn from it rather than see it as a negative construct.

At ING Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics (ING WBAA) we try to create the right working culture, to embrace failure by creating a safe space where people dare to fail and where we share our failures and learnings as much as possible.

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