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Wholesale Banking

Financial markets

Overview of our capabilities in Russia:

  • FX transactions with value dates TOD, TOM and spot.
  • FX swap and FX forward transactions.
  • Live prices for most actively traded currencies, including that of Central and Eastern Europe (PLN, CZK, HUF) and China (CNY and CNH).
  • Competitive quotes on major convertible currencies
  • Market orders, limit orders, stop loss/take profit orders.
  • Payments in currency other than currency of account (hidden conversion), e.g. EUR payment from USD current account.
  • First-class FX&IR Research from Moscow and London-based team and market updates from FX&IR desk.
  • Outgoing payments value TOD trading hours USD/RUB 09:00 - 16:00, EUR/RUB 09:00 - 15:00 (Moscow time). For outgoing payments value TOM trading hours USD/RUB and EUR/RUB 09:00 - 17:15 (Moscow time). Trading hours may be extended upon request.

Trade pre-requisites

  • Settlement limits
  • Agreement in place

Money market (MM) deposits

ING Commercial Banking in Russia capabilities:

  • Fixed rate deposit.
  • Dual currency deposits
  • Currencies: USD, EUR and RUB; other currencies at request
  • Tenors: from overnight

Trade pre-requisites

  • Local master agreement

Dual currency deposits

  • These deposits earn improved interest rate which is paid on condition that at maturity deposit amount can be paid in pre-agreed alternative currency at pre-agreed FX rate at the Bank's discretion.
  • Designed for clients that have operational needs in two currencies and assume that no FX conversion of alternative currency into original one will take place.
  • The improvement interest rate is determined by selected FX rate.
  • For deposit in USD with conversion into RUB – if one business day before maturity date spot rate is equal or higher than pre-agreed FX rate, then deposit amount is paid in alternative currency. If spot rate is lower than pre-agreed FX rate, then deposit amount is paid in original currency. In both cases the client receives improved interest rate.

FX hedging

ING Commercial Banking in Russia capabilities:

  • FX Forwards (Deliverable and Non-Deliverable), FX Swaps, FX Options, Cross-Currency Swaps (CCS), Structured Products up to 10 years, subject to market liquidity

Trade pre-requisites

  • Pre-settlement and settlement limits
  • Agreement in place

Interest rate (IR) hedging

ING Bank capabilities:

  • Interest rate swaps (IRS), forward rate agreements (FRA), cross currency swaps (CCS)
  • Currencies: USD, EUR and RUB and more than 20 others
  • Tenors up to 10 years (subject to market liquidity)

Trade pre-requisites

  • Pre-settlement and settlement limits
  • Agreement in place


  • Agreement between two parties on exchange of interest rate payments for a pre-agreed period of time.
  •  The contract allows to exchange floating rate into fixed and vice versa.

  • No exchange of principal is involved, as both legs are in the same currency.
  • Irrespective of the reference rate on the settlement date, the Buyer of IRS pays pre-agreed swap rate and
  • The Seller pays the hedged interest rate.

Cross currency swap

  • Agreement between two parties about exchange of principal and interest rate payments for pre-agreed period of time in two different currencies.
  • Principal may be exchanged: at the beginning and in the end of trade; only at the beginning; only in the end; no exchange of principal at all (exchange of interest payments only)
  • This trade allows exchange of cashflows (fixed or floating) in one currency into cashflows (fixed or floating) in another one.
  • Irrespective of the reference rate on the settlement date, the Buyer of the cross currency swap pays pre-agreed swap rate, and the Payer pays the hedged interest rate.

Why partner with us

Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. So whatever your financial needs, whether you are looking to expand and want strategic advice, or just want to make your day-to-day banking more efficient, we are here to support your business ambitions.

  • Serving corporate clients and financial institutions in over 35 countries.
  • We pair local and global insight with sector knowledge with financial expertise.
  • We are ranked as a leader in sustainability and we are included in the FTSE4Good Index.
  • Global Finance

    Best bank for sustainable infrastructure finance

  • Environmental Finance

    Lead manager of the year for social bonds and sustainability bonds - financial institution

  • Global Capital

    Most impressive investment bank for corporate ESG capital markets and advice