ING highlights water research at UN World Water Day

Did you know that water scarcity affects around 40 percent of the world’s population? Or that an estimated 663 million people lack ready access to improved sources of drinking water?

The importance of water is unquestioned, which is why the United Nations’ World Water Day is being held again on 22 March. It’s an international movement to learn more about water-related issues and be inspired to take action and make a difference.

ING has seen that water is increasingly at the forefront of our clients’ minds. We’re already financing many water solutions all over the world, from large infrastructural water projects by our structured finance team, to small-scale water solutions to people in developing countries.

We’ve done much research into water to grasp the impact of its challenges in different business sectors, and will continue to do more research to gain more insights. 

For example, check out this interactive infographic for ING Economics Department’s view on flooding danger, water use and more per country, or start here with the overview of all ING’s water-related content.

Watch some of the videos on the World Water Day YouTube channel.