Sustainability: how to future-proof your business

Sustainability is not just what we do as a business, it is how we do it. We earn our license to operate and the trust of our customers by conducting business in a responsible way.

We also see sustainability as a source of competitive advantage. Being sustainable is not just about reducing our own footprint, it is in all the choices we make - as a lender and an investor, and through the services we offer you, our customers. We believe financial services can play a significant role in creating a healthy and sustainable world.

Our aim is to help you transition to a fairer, greener economy by financing projects that accelerate your efforts to address some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges.


Sustainable finance at ING Wholesale Banking

Using our sustainability experts and WB’s long standing in-depth knowledge and expertise, the sustainable finance team will support your company in achieving its sustainability goals.

Whether you have a strong sustainability track record, an ambitious agenda, or you are addressing resource scarcity and seek financing for your sustainable deals - in the area of renewable energy, natural resources, waste management or water - sustainable finance is available to support you.

ING WB’s sustainable finance team focuses its efforts on identifying sustainable clients and deals and works with internal and externals experts in the sustainability arena to find ways to better serve our clients sustainability agendas. If you are looking for financial solutions for your sustainability activities, please get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you.

  • Strong ING and external network of experts in the sustainability arena
  • Team of professionals with in-depth industry knowledge
  • Co-operation across various WB deal teams and ING Groenbank


Contact us
Leonie Schreve
Global head sustainable finance
+31 20 563 4948


Circular economy challenges financial business models

In ING’s view, the circular economy is the ultimate answer to solving the problem of the depletion and economic scarcity of resources.

“The present model of economic growth is running up against the limits of our planet’s ability to provide everything we need,” says Koos Timmermans, vice chairman of ING Bank. “Companies are increasingly looking at the entire lifecycle of their products, and the resources used in them, in order to decouple growth from resource use. This is where the circular economy comes in, which is about going from ‘take, make and waste’ to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.” ING is taking steps to apply the circular economy principles and is investigating how it can translate these effectively into viable customer solutions.

How do we do this?

ING’s Economics Department publishes ‘Rethinking finance in a circular economy’, an extensive report about the circular economy and the financial implications of circular business models.
Download the report



A virtual round table
Resources are finite; the circular economy is the way forward. But is being a good business actually good business? We asked eleven industry leaders for their top steps to progress. Watch the video below to find out more.