Think Forward: the future of food 2019

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost a year since our last conference, but the pace of change continues to accelerate for the Food and Agriculture sector. This year already we’ve seen the meteoric share price rise of meat alternative company, African swine flu sweeping through China, extreme weather events like the droughts in Australia and recording flooding in the Midwest and Great Plains, and the trade war rumbles on to name just a few recent headlines. There's was a lot to discuss at this year’s future of food event.

Watch a handful of the speaker presentations below:


Quick highlights from the 2019 event


Sustainability in agriculture - 60 Seconds with Anne van Riel


Consumer Science - The sentient science of consumer decision making with Aaron Reid


The global economics perspective - 60 seconds with James Knightley


The view from the hill - US farming outlook with Jim Wiesemeyer