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Wholesale Banking

Scope 3 emissions : anything you need to know

In this dedicated section, we delve into insights and practices to help you navigate the complex landscape of decarbonising your supply chain. 

How companies can get to grips with Scope 3 emissions

Discover how companies can combat value chain emissions by embracing ingenious product design and fostering collaborative supply chain partnerships. Learn the crucial components of this strategy, from life cycle analysis-based product creation to educating end-users, to drive a sustainable and low-carbon future.

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More on Scope 3 emissions

Woman peeping through a hole on an orange wall

Jacomijn Vels: It’s time to look at the cost of carbon emissions

ING’s Global Head of Sustainable Finance Jacomijn Vels tells us why companies need to get to grips with Scope 3 emissions and how they can get started.

Two people standing on a compass painted on the ground

You can run, but you can’t hide. What’s driving the relentless push of Scope 3 disclosures and what it means for your business

What will really make a difference on Scope 3 emissions? Consultancy Guidehouse shares insights into how early-mover corporates are decarbonising value chains, and how lenders are coming together to encourage disclosures. If they set the example, these front runners can kickstart a snowball effect.

Young child in crocodile costume juggling with apples the sofa

Tackling Scope 3 emissions: Time to shift to circularity

The circular economy, or circularity, which promotes the reuse of materials over a ‘throwaway’ culture, provides one of the most effective strategies for reducing Scope 3 emissions. Joost van Dun, circular economy lead at ING, explains how a circular economy can help reduce Scope 3 emissions.