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Connectivity solutions

ING Wholesale Banking's connectivity solutions offer various host-to-host channels, facilitating automated file upload and retrieval. No more manual actions needed for the exchange of files between your own system(s) and ING’s. All you need is a single, easy-to-use platform for all your transactions and reporting.


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Host-to-host channels: InsideBusiness Connect, SWIFT and EBICS



Besides their individual qualities, the host-to-host channels all offer: 

  • direct access to ING's strong, local European network, including Russia
  • state-of-the-art security
  • generic formats for your most used instructions
  • significantly less administration work


1. InsideBusiness Connect

If ING is your main bank in one or more countries and you focus on payments and cash management. You are in control: for instance, you choose your software and communications protocols. InsideBusiness Connect is an ING channel that works with ING standards and certificates.



If you work with several banks worldwide. You focus on more than just payments and cash management. You want global standards, and you want a view of all of your cash and funds at all your banks at any given moment.



If you work with several banks in Europe, and operate mainly in France and/or Germany. EBICS focuses on payment and cash management. You can set up several levels of authorisation.


Combine your channel of choice with InsideBusiness for extra (self) services: 

  • Track & trace your payments and collections
  • Online order authorisation giving you or your treasurer extra control of your funds
  • Cancel a scheduled order or an individual transaction within an order
  • Enter one-off and specific local payments

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