FM risk analytics

A quantitative approach to financial markets risk management

As a corporate treasurer, you develop strategies to protect your business from the uncertainty and volatility of financial markets. This role has never been more relevant and more difficult than today, in a world threatened by sluggish growth and high volatility on all fronts. From the increased volatility in emerging market FX rates to the uncertainty on central bank policy decisions impacting rates, or the strong volatility in commodity prices. With quantified insights on how potential future market developments could impact your business performance, you will stay a step ahead and make better informed decisions.


We can provide you this quantitative angle through simulations on how your market risk exposures could potentially hit your bottom line in worst case scenarios, taking into account the current evaluation of risks in the market. Furthermore, we can provide you with the material to facilitate your understanding and enable you to discuss your hedging strategy internally and with your board.











We have a dedicated team of experienced quantitative analysts who are available to tailor any risk analysis to your specific needs and market context. We have built our experience by engaging with our clients all over the world, across industries, from the ambitious mid-sized companies to the established corporate giants. We are very flexible and fully transparent on our methodology and assumptions, as we aim to be your partner in all your hedging discussions. We truly want to understand your needs and help you add structure in this complex and ever faster changing world.

Do not hesitate to contact us, as we would be more than happy to help you with your risk management in financial markets; it’s a risk free approach!

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